Sunday, April 19, 2009

Party, cuties and a DREAM

4/19/2009 10:12:00 AM
Party was nice, nothing special. There were a lot of my friends and I had a good time, but still nothing special. I was bit drunk and I must admit that I enjoyed a lot in that. Also I must admit one more thing. I love to dance with girls when I'm drunk, like that I don't watch boys so much, even dough there were a lot of hot boys. I love to party in my city, our city is very famous about that and the parties are just crazy. I have finally unstressed myself after 3 months :) But as I said it was nothing special, there were too many people, very crowded, but as I said I was bit drunk so I didn't care :)

The next interesting thing happened yesterday while I was downtown. While traveling to the downtown by bus, I saw one hot guy and he stared at me a lot. I must admit that I was embarrassed a bit because it was uncomfortable, he stared a lot, I could feel his eyes on me, and I just notice that, I didn't have a time to stare at him back, because I'm acting straight, so I held my view down or outside the window. But he was really hot.

And then when I was coming back to the place where I live, I also saw another guy who also starred at me and when I took off the bus, I saw that he even turned his head to see me again o_0. He was also hot, even hotter that the first one and I could even stare at him (of course, I stare when he was looking through the window). Two times in one day. WTF? I don't know did I have something on me or what. I was normal, like any other day when I go to the downtown. I was very surprised, and if I'm 'out' I could even date with these two guys. Well, the first one was bit skinny, but the second one was just perfect, but he was about 24-28 years old.

And now, when I went to bed and when I woke up, I was totally surprised by what I have dreamed. It was so real and the picture of dream isn't blurring at all. I remember it all, even the details.

First, I went into some apartment and there I was at some gay party. I was invited, dunno by whom. It was kinda weird and I know that I was so scared, cause I am still closeted, but I somehow knew that no one will recognize me, and I felt somehow invisible - I just watched party while sitting and drinking on some sofa. I didn't make out with anybody, but I watched some guys having sex in the bathroom, I think. OK that's bit blurry :)

And then, I don't know how it happened (you know that happenings in dreams are fast, not so real and always confusing after you woke up, but while you dream, it seems completely normal). Ok, I don't know how it happened, but I think that some guy was killed (I didn't know who, I just noticed that everyone was running and screaming) and then police came in the blink of an eye. This was the moment which scared a shit in me. They put all the party people into one room and held some press-conference. So fast o_0... I somehow wasn't put into the room, I tried to go out but the police was on the front door and I was just thinking that this will be in newspaper, everyone will know that I was at some gay party and that I'm 'different', my life is over, what will my parents say, what will happen with me. But still, one part of my body told me that it's not so bad. I don't know how, I wasn't that scared; I was just scared for one moment. Maybe I was aware that I was dreaming. Then I took courage to ask the person who was leading the press-conference. She was some blond woman from some TV show and I wasn't so surprised about her (well I was when I woke up)...

I asked: "Can I go home?" She simply said, while putting a hand over the microphone: "Of course you can" and nodded with her head. What is the chance that she will let someone go home and the murdered just happened? I was so happy that I can go home. When I was going to the front door, the police from the door was gone. And then the most surprising thing happened. Near the front door there were two of my friends from school, girl friends. They were not surprised for seeing me; they just went with me down stairs. I also felt fear for one moment, but after seeing them acting normal, I wasn't so scared. They didn't ask me anything and we went out of the building and I even know where that building was (in real life). It is somewhere in the city, near the center. We ran through the city and then, I don't know what happened, it's blurry and I don't know what was the moment when I woke up, but I know that I remembered a dream very well like you can see. I just can tell you that I was so relieved when I woke up and realize that it was only a dream.....

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  1. hypnos

    when you are gay and cloeted you live that dream all the time worried about being found out and thinking all the time how will others think about you

    i do not have naswer for you but i hope you find a solution to this problem so that you can sleep better and so yo do not end up old and alone

    take care and be safe


  2. I'm glad you finally had time to relax and de-stress. :) Maybe you were just looking particularly hot that day? Steaming and burning footprints into the sidewalk are we? ;-)

    Anyway, dreams are so strange sometimes. I've had dreams that I thought were so real and had actually happened that I didn't realize it was all a dream until 2 days later. CRAZY!

  3. Someone needs to stop eating midnight snacks before going to bed! o.O

    Anyways, glad you were finally able to relax after all the busy stuff you've been up to.


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