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Dante's Cove REVIEW

1/28/2010 12:52:00 AM
Recently I start to watch Dante's Cove, the first gay TV Show I heard about. I mean, first I was surprised, cause I love to watch TV Shows and then I found gay TV Show and it has some really nice story, most of the time :P. Now I will write my little review. I will try my best not to put so many spoilers, so feel free to read it all.

First, I want to mention that I only watched two seasons of Dante's Cove, I didn't manage to find the third one.

The actors. One word – stunning. Charlie David, Gregory Michael and the others hahahah :P I love Charlie, and when I found out that he's gay, and living open gay life as a actor, I was so impressed and inspired. I mean, he's perfect. That hot body, eyes, his voice, that sparkly teeth, I don't know what else to say about him, he's gorgeous and perfect, I love his appearence. If I really really need to tell someone which is my type of man I would tell that it's Charlie David. I watch his other movie called 'Four Letter Word' and he was really amazing there even though the movie was bad. I didn't like it. I plan to watch that one which starts with M, something like Mullingans or whatever.

Then we have Gregory Michael who also acts in the GRΣΣΚ, and there he's also gay guy, bit odd, and he declares himself as straight. :) (something is not right if you ask me). But nevermind that, he's still hot, and with Charlie he makes all the scene look simply fantastic.

Than we have other actors :) A lot of hot guys, but I only have eyes for Charlie David and Gregory :) and a lot of hot girls... I'm so obsessed with Nadine Heimann, she's so hot, so beautiful that I think I would be able to look at her whole day. Her eyes and her lips and her teeth are so bright, positive, amazing. Her smile is so beautiful that I can stare at her forever. I'm telling you, this girl really is special. Perfection. I don't know is she lesbian in real life, but she's cute, sweet and I assume that she's person with great personality. Well it's kinda prejudice, but to be honest, I don't think that behind that smile can exist some bad and mean person.

The other main "femele" actor is Tracy Scoggins. I saw that she is 56 years old (wtf? OMFG?) but she looks like she's in the late 30s. I don't know how many plastic surgery she had, but it must have been A LOT! Her face looks like it will pop if she makes too big smile and her neck is disgusting. Why did she do that to herself? I mean, if you are old, you are old, face the facts and be yourself, you don't need to make yourself so fake. It's okay to do a small surgery if you are not satisfied, but when it's too much, it is too much. Maybe if she didn't touch anything, she would look more beautiful than this. She looks like some plastic doll, and there is nothing natural on her anymore.

Ok, I'm finished with the phisical look of the my main protagonist of this show. Now we come to the story and to the acting and to the SEX.

I'll be direct and honest. Actors seem like amateurs, I mean, in some situations, you can't really tell when they are trying to make the effort not to ruin the scene or they feel stupid cause the scene is stupid (so they don't know how to react). I mean, in some point, it really doesn't look like serious show, and the acting is kinda retarded. It could be better. They are not one with the story, and sometimes it really doesn't look like that they really mean what they are saying. The only one who are really really nice in this are Gregory Michael and Tracy Scoggins, maybe because they are talented (Gregory) or had experience (Tracy). I don't know is it because of talent or experience, but Nadine doesn't work it well. Neither the Charlie :( in some scenes. And now we came to the other part of this „review“. The story...

The story is interesting, but kinda crappy, the directors could make the script first and then start filming. There is a lot of holes in the plot. I have impression like they wrote only few episodes and then they start to pounding nonsenses and it ruined the show. And well, of course that I don't like the change of filming location, the location from the Season 1 (Turks and Caicos Islands) was amazing and was way more better than from Season 2 (somewhere in Hawaii), and this also ruined the show, cause we was used to first one and then suddenly (or magically, who knows, in this show everything is possible :P) it turned into something totally different and totally opposite, and worst of all is because they wanted that fact to be ignored. The first location looked kinda more realistic, and the place was spookier than this Hawaii place. I recently read that it's somewhere near Lost filming place, nice... :) they should learn something from Lost directors and Lost cast. That show is PERFECT! and even if they had 5 Seasons, they didn't ruin the storyline.

One more bad thing is the people who live in this place. I get the impression that on the „island“ which is called Dante's Cove exist only 10 people, it's so empty, like there is no cars, there is no passengers, only main actors and that's all. They have some bar and you only see 10 people who are chatting and making scenes. It looks like some low-cost movie.

I even found one clip where Charlie David talks about „holes in the plot“ and all the fails of the show... Well, at least they are honest that the show isn't so good... And like the speaker said: it's so bad that it's good LOL :D...

And this show beside romance is called thriller and horror :) hahahaha, that's so funny... This is comedy because of all the fails, but still it's kinda worth watching and here's why... The main reasons why you SHOULD watch this show is sex scenes and the story about love. Sex is the only thing which is done perfectly, without exposing the genitals of main actors :D The scenes are really hot, sensual, makes you get hard ;), sometimes even sweet and cute.

All in all, it reminds me of some mix of amateur softcore porn and lame storyline which in the end is crappy but you watch it cause the cast are amazing and because you never watched something like this.

And for the end, something the most UNBELIEVABLE thing in the whole show. What are the odds that there is some island like that where everybody is gay or lesbians. I mean, I know for some, but only during summer and only in some periods of time, but in this show, I don't think that there is any straight person, only gays and gays and everything is so gay... It could be more realistic, for god's sake... But if really this place exist, please tell me right now, I will move there instantly... :) without thinking, it's probably called Heaven, right? :D

Just kidding... You have my warm recommendation to watch the show, but be aware that it's crappy :)

Thanks for reading! Leave your comments on the show, I really want to hear your opinion and of course, if you know any other similar show (but I doubt that) please write it down... ;)

And here's a trailer for the Season 1:

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  1. Woah, you changed your layout! I like it!! :-D

  2. Oh you were inspired hehe :p

    I like the new layout of your blog

  3. well the only show I actualy watch with gay stuff is Will & Grace hehe...

  4. @Aek: Yeah, the layout is amazing, I don't like it, I LOVE IT!!! :)

    @Manu: Haha, well, watch Dante's Cove, the Will & Grace are comedy, this is like "serious" stuff and better if we talk about hot scenes..


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