Friday, January 29, 2010

Hotie and S. problems :)

1/29/2010 05:02:00 PM
It's is the end of the exam time and now I have some small break... I finally can sleep normally and enjoy something other than my study books :) No matter how much you like it, you still need some break.... And I finally can finish the book I started reading two months ago, wtf!!! It never took me so long to read some book, not even boring ones.

Yesterday in the library, while I was studying for today's exam, I noticed a really hot boy who really made me speechless :P
I must admit that I was not so concentrated on the subject when he entered, but still I was forced to put my attention on the book cause I had exam tomorrow, but I peaked a lot in the direction of the boy. He was so amazing. I hope to see him more often when I go to the library, who knows.... :D I even wanted to take a picture of him and put it here, but it would be so obvious, so I didn't do anything.

And one more, kinda bad thing. Well, it's not so bad, but I felt really bad when I noticed that. S. is not saying "Hi" to me anymore, and one time when I told him "Hi" in the hall, he ignored me, or didn't hear, but still, I was in awkward situation. And today he only passed next to me and also didn't say hi, but maybe he did that because I was surrounded by a lot of people, so he didn't want to interrupt. Well, I know that I don't expect him to say hi to me all the time. We only talked, like, two-three times, but still, I felt more closer to him and more open to him while we were saying "hi-hi", maybe because I like him so much, and when he stopped saying "Hi" I kinda get back to the reality and I don't want that, I want that 'first step of friendship' :))) I want to watch him in peace, to be fascinated with his build and hot body,with his face and to have some "fake" friendship, cause I really like him, physically. Maybe it's good because this is happening, but you know when the heart and feelings tell you one thing and brain other. Now I feel like my heart is broken, but it's not so painful, like I'm only hurt a little, it's not exact feeling, but similar. Oh, yeah, I'm disappointed, that's the feeling, cause I was hoping to start some friendship with him, but now I realised that the friendship is not going to happen. And I get paranoid when I need to talk to him. I always think that he suspect I like him, so I feel so nervous when I'm talking to him, so that's the main reason why I don't want to make the first move all the time in "hi-hi" stuff. :D

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  1. Oh are you sure we aren't the same person lol. The same happens to me...
    I think he knows I like him... but he's so cute, I can't help it.
    And he always passes next to me, and maybe he is too into his own thoughts ore he just doesn't care if I'm there, I hope is the first...
    The other day we were in line to get into the auditorium to take a test and he actually start talking to him, I'm usually the one who talks first, so I was soring lol.
    I just want to kiss him so bad, now I want to cry..

    H,I know how you're feeling...

    Btw, how did you change your layout?
    And I demand you to get online more often... lol

  2. Hurray on finishing your exams and having a well-deserved break!! :-D

    Sorry to hear about S though, but perhaps you should be a tad more forward in pursuing a friendship with him? I wish I could see a pic of that hot guy (does this mean you actually took a pic of him in the library?!).

  3. @Manu: Yeah, I'm sure, you are in Mexico and I somewhere else :P Kidding...

    Well, when I catch you online at MSN, I will tell you all about layout changing, I wanted some change and this one is AMAZING!

    @Aek: No, I didn't took pic of him :( Maybe some other time when I met him there (I hope)


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