Monday, January 25, 2010

My antigay friend and exams

1/25/2010 01:16:00 AM
For my first post on new blog URL I would like to talk about my friend who is antigay but I honestly think that there is something more behind that, something gay to be precise.

Let me explain!

Well, I first met him about a year ago, we were applying for the same Uni and we went to some preparations for the entrance exam (something like SAT in US) and so we formed a group of about 6-7 people, and we still hang out from time to time at the University. He's a good person, bit weird. When I say weird, I mean that he has some different views on the world and acts bit weird, but you get used to it eventualy. And did I mention that he's antigay, I mean, he openly comments a gay person on the street. I mean if we see some feminized guy walking around, he would say something like: „Look at that faggot! I hate them“ or something like that, you get the point. And when I say that he comments that, he does it as a lot of anger, like they (we) are some disease.

But on the other hand, if I don't know him and don't hang out with him, and just watch him on the street, I would without doubt say that he's gay and here are the reasons. He's kinda too emotional, he always notices the details or what someone is wearing, always hang out with girls, on Facebook always writes some emotional stuff about love, about perfect one, about how life is hard (yeah, it sounds emo, but he's not emo LOL). The way he acts, the way he talks, the way he dresses makes him more gay than other guys. And above all he ALWAYS, but ALWAYS notice and spot gay on the street, and he must comment how he can't stand them, how they look like, how they walk, how they are retarded etc. I mean, I hear a lot of people doing that every day and I kinda find it okay, I mean, they (we) are not so popular „species“ in this country, but still, HE ALWAYS does that, without exeption. I think that he's maybe sexually confused or even gay/bi/bi-curious and tries to convince himself in opposite by doing that. He tries to make him hate his own kind. It's okay if you don't like it, but still, he comments in such a weird way, like he wants to make himself to hate them even if he don't, and he is ashamed of that, so he express that in this weird way. And one more thing, lol, this is so funny. Gay people always make first move on him at some parties. I know for three cases when a gay made a first move and asked him is he gay. He told us that!

What do you think about this? He's very interesting for me. I mean, I'm not attracted by him, he's so not my type, but yet, I find it interesting watching him and his personality. I never tried to talk to him about this (only through jokes, but that didn't help) and I don't think that I will ever try something like that, but still I will continue to watch his behaviour and try to figure is he or is he not a „different“ person :)

And my finals are doing great, I finished with 7 exams from 9, only two more to go. All will be finished at the end of this week. I don't know the results yet, but I think that I done a great job :) Some of them was really hard, but I managed to do my best.

The only result I know is from my major. This was really hard exam, we had two test, one in the form of the test, and second, when you are interrogated by the professor and I got really good mark. Only two marks below the maximum, which is great for this professor. And I was one of the 10 people who passed this. He is really strict, but posses great knowledge, has PhD in his profession and I can freely say that he's the best professor I even had.

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  1. Well I hace to teories, either he is gay or he had a bad experience with a gay or a male, you know what I mean.

    But you should ask him. I mean not like "hey, are you gay?" but with a deep talk, that eventually leads to that topic.

  2. @ManuMtz: Lol, with him it's kinda too hard, and will sound probably weird, these kind of talks over here are kinda too touchy topics and very weird... Even if you are 100% sure that someone is gay, you are being quiet cause you think that it will be embarrassing. And if he's not gay, then probably he will think that you are cause you ask him that kind of question, but I will see what I can do... Like I said, we are not so close, but we are getting to be more and more real friends.

  3. Hmm, definitely be cautious around that guy. I don't know, it does sound like some kind of denial from the way you describe him and his behavior. Hard to say for sure. :-/

    Anyway, hurray for almost being done with your exams!! Wow, 9 is A LOT of exams to go through. >.<

  4. just read this post...
    I have a good number of friends a bit similar to this guy, probably not as emotional though...

    I understand what you're wondering about and I've also become curious like you to find out what's up with him! (maybe he's as confused as I am) lol

  5. @Sam: And yeah, I think that he express his "confusion" on this way, kinda denying his real nature... We'll see... He's sick now, so I didn't see him in few weeks, but we are planning to go at his house to visit him and to see how is he... He'll probably have a lot more post at this blog :)


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