Monday, February 15, 2010

The Amazing Race 16

2/15/2010 09:44:00 PM
This will be my second post for today and I simply can't help myself, cause I want to express my opinion about this show, cause I LOVE it so much... Racing around the world. If I could, I would apply without hesitation, but I can't :-( I've just watched the first episode from Season 16, the leg from LA to the Chile (or China as Jordan said hahahahahaah LOL), I'm always surprised when people doesn't know where some country is, I mean not exactly, but at least on which continent it is. Here in my country, that's kinda basic knowledge. But we all know what miss Carolina has to say about this :))) Shit, this sounded so mean... But never mind, keep reading, I'm not so judgmental...

The most surprising teams for this Season is of course, Jordan and Jeff, from Big Brother 11 and yay, the finished first leg first :). Well, I didn't actually watch whole Big Brother America (season 11), but my cousin watched it and she made me watch first three episodes on YouTube, but I didn't have time to continue with other ones cause I was watching a lot of TV shows and I just started with Uni, but I saw that it's way more different then our Big Brother, American BB is full of hypocrisy and mean people. But of course I noticed Jeff, who is extremely hot and so handsome! And Jordan is kinda cute, but still, looks like some stereotype blond chick from America, no offense, just my opinion and my cousin says that she is really like that, so I'm kinda influenced on her opinion, but we'll see through The Amazing Race show.

The second surprising team is the team with Miss South Carolina... OMG, when I first watched the clip at YouTube with all that "some countries don't have maps, um, such as South Africa..." I laughed so much and of course thought that she is soooo stupid and she fit perfectly into all this "stupid American blond stereotype", but later I realised that it maybe is not her fault, I mean, she's probably been stressed at the stage, or she was caught in the moment and didn't know what she would say, but still, it was soooo funny, and I can just imagine how embarrassing that experience was for her. So I'm giving her one more chance at this show, to prove to me and to rest of this world is she or is she not a "ignorant stereotype blond chick from America"...

This is why I love this show, cause it has so many personalities and above all it's so gay-friendly (they always have some gay persons as a competitors) and very anti-discrimination show. Well done, the producers... But I'm just sometimes amazed how can people be so stupid and so weak, but that's one more part of the show,  which, I will be honest, I really like. We'll see what will this Season bring...

Do you watch the show? What is your favorite team for now... I'm cheering out for Jeff :-P (for now), I just saw like 5 minutes of his personality, and he's so cute, hot, handsome... Clearly that's making my judgment little unreliable...

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  1. I'm less enamoured with this cast of competitors this time around, although I am always excited to hear the geographical gaffes from teams. Remember some people don't have access to maps.

    I was a little disappointed by this season's offering from team gay, and secretly hope the lesbidans win (but they haven't really wowed me yet). The cowboy's surprised me (not just because of their names) and I think the father daughter team that painted the inside of a stranger's house will be an interesting team to watch.

    Still, I think my favourite team was Luke and his mom from... I think season 14. He was deaf and gay and the two of them did really quite well without being particularly evil (even if they weren't touted as a gay team until after the fact).

  2. I used to watch the Amazing Race. I haven't in years though . . . not sure why I stopped watching it. o_O

  3. @Aek: Start watching it again, so we can comment, it's amazing show...

    @Earl Grey: Hahaha, that father daughter team was so hilarious when they started painting the house... I mean, it's not so bad (it can happen), but the best fact is that they actually found house which needed painting inside and was red, OMG, what are coincidence for that... Hahaha, and her face after saying: "Do you have clue for us?"... hahahaha hilarious...

    And I'm glad because that black guy didn't give up... He was so brave and persistent, well done for him


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