Monday, February 15, 2010

Could it be destiny? o_O

2/15/2010 05:52:00 PM
After one year and a half of waiting to find someone normal, not creepy, guy who don't want only fast sex date and no disgusting person on some dating site and of course a fine looking guy (I'm very picky, too be honest), it finally happened. When I joined that site, I was searching for someone normal, but I've got a lot of disgusting messages just asking for sex and a lot of fakers (showing one picture on profile but in real life they are something different. I didn't actually meet with anyone from there, I just watched how his profile got baned and all the comments on their guest-book), and I've heard that there is a lot of people who met you and then beat you just for fun, so I was very careful and very cautious when talking to people there... And yesterday, I met two amazing guys which really seem to be very normal, they are not only for sex and I talked like a lot to both of them.

The first one (we'll call him, let me see, something simple. Oh I know, he will be Ben) is 28 years old, which is kinda a huge age difference, but he's fine with it, (on the other hand, I'm not) he doesn't want a quicky (or whatever it's said and spelled, I meant on quick sex date), and we were talking a lot about his experiences with guys and I learned a lot about gay life in my country and above all about gay life in general (sex, how you keep yourself clean down there, I mean on my back down there :-P (my butt, fuck, fuck the metaphors), we even talked about AIDS and HIV and that kind of stuff). He's only out to few of his friends and his brother, but lives very free gay life around our city. Cause I have problem with his age (but who knows, if he's really really hot and cute, we'll see), he openly told me that we don't need to be partners, we can be just friends and he'll be there to advice me ("to act like a older brother", that was his own words)... And then we exchanged pictures (don't worry the exchange was on MSN to see how he looks like and I showed mine for just one millisecond, to get small impression of me, in that avatar pictures, and he sent me some pictures in message at that dating site). He looks really nice and cute on the pictures, and kinda hot, but still "it's on the picture" and I know that you can make a lot of posing, he could be totally different in real life (if that was really him on the pictures, who knows maybe he's just playing with me). But we are going slowly and I'm kinda glad, cause he doesn't force me to do anything, he's patient. Then he asked me to exchange mobile phone numbers for beginning, and I was like "wtf, I don't want to give him my real number, cause who knows who is he in real life, maybe he's just pretending to be good and amazing". So, I told him that I need to think a bit and promised him that I will send him a number tomorrow (it's today) if I choose to keep contact with him, and I wanted to keep my promise, cause I usually keep them. So, today, I went to a store, bought a brand new number (SIM card), plug it into my old phone and sent him a message only 15 minutes ago. And yeah, I immediately came to laptop and started blogging :P Cause I'm really excited. I told him that I will give him number, I didn't say will it be real or fake one :-) I told you that I'm careful... :-) And I simply sent him message: 
"Here's number, as promised, please don't abuse it and don't call all the time, I'm not so into talking to still unknown persons, we can just text for now... :)"
And he answered:
"OK, I'm not a jerk, don't worry. And what's your name?"
And I told him my real name, which is not so big deal, cause it's really common name over here and asked for his... I didn't want to lie, who knows, maybe he's really nice guy and if I lied to him, it wouldn't be so nice. That's all for now, I can't wait to talk to him more to see what will happen next. And I even have his picture which he sent me in a message at that dating site, and I was thinking to post one here, but I decided that I will not, cause, who knows who can come to this blog... So enjoy in this artistic photos for now :)
And now we've come to a second guy. I will give him some nice name too, cause he really made so nice impression on me and you'll see why... We will call him Dan, in honor of D. (if you don't know who is D., read the "Character of the blog" on the right side of this blog)... And, I was talking to him shortly after talking to Ben. He's only two years older then me. He sent me a message two weeks ago, and I really liked his profile. He is inexperienced with guys (like me), he's very shy (like me), he's very emotional person (like me), he's very popular (like me), he's very closeted and afraid of coming out (like me), he's really experienced with girls (like me), he's straight-acting (like me) and he seeks for normal and not spoiled person (like me) and then we finally met online on MSN... And here the things become really really weird. We started talking general stuff, which movies do you like, which music you like and that kind of things and we both like the same o_O. OK, that was amazing and then we come to very weird part. After realising that we watched same movies recently (o_O) and that have same views of the world, and that we both act childish from time to time, just for fun and fool around a lot, I asked him what is his astrological sign. It's bit girly question, but let me explain. I don't believe in bullshits like what will happen to you next day and all that prediction of future, but there is some truth considering the characteristics which are similar or same to the people born under same astrological sign. The major part of what my sign represents is really my characteristics. Dan is my sign (o_O), which is really amazing cause I love persons born under my sign, we are so alike and so delicate and so emotional, and so sensitive, gentle, vague etc...
And then... I asked him when he was born? And he said that he's born in the month in which I was born and I will short the story (it's really becoming long post), we are born on the same day (o_O), but only two years difference. So he's exactly two years older than me... And that was very very weird part... I first thought that someone is making fun of me, and that he really knows me, in real life. He knew about movies I recently watched, I guessed his (and mine) birthday, he knew what I'm doing when I'm drunk (kissing and hugging people :-P) and so on... So I thought that he's pretending (maybe he's some sick guy who finds naive guys and do to them God knows what) or he really knows me and he is making some really sick and twisted joke... So we talked there for some time and he thought exactly same thing as I did, and we realised that it's impossible that we know each other. But he doesn't even live in my city (the capital), he's in some town about 50 km from the city. Cause it was too late (we were chatting for about three hours or even more) and he and I wanted to go to sleep, we agreed that we will meet tonight again and show each other our IDs (but only date of birth), on webcam or in avatar in MSN. That was my idea, to be sure :P lol He is really tooo good to be true, but who knows...

I can't wait tonight... Do you believe in destiny? I didn't believed, but now... I'm not so sure... Some really strange shit happened yesterday... What do you think about all this?

Thanks for reading, and sorry because it was really really long post, but I'm so excited...
And thanks to everybody for asking questions at Ask Me Anything, I'm writing my second answer to your questions, but I'm really busy with school, that's why I'm so slow... But I will answer all of them, for sure!!! Just be patient.

P.S. This artwork on the left representing Destiny with book is work of ~kjaex from deviantART

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  1. Now those are two rather interesting individuals...
    I'd tell you to be safe but you seem to have that covered so all that remains is GOOD LUCK :D

  2. Wow . . . that sounds absolutely amazing (about both of them, really). It's always strange when you meet someone who's like, your clone only not. Best of luck meeting him online on MSN or whatnot!!

  3. Thank you soooo much, both of you... :)

  4. Hope they are not misrepresenting themselves; over the internet anyone can do a photoshop job on themselves. You know, I will be 60yrs old in a few months, and I would never pretend to be a young guy and lead someone on. Why do disgusting old guys who guzzled beer, did drugs and ate like pigs all their lives feel they deserve a hot young guy? A hot young guy deserves another hot young guy. As for me, I am a slim, muscular, 160lb guy who can pedal a freeride bike up hills that leaves many teens gasping. That is because I took care of myself. So when it comes to sex, I expect another guy around my age to be in the same shape. But I will get it on with a younger guy if he is interested. Of course as you get older you can never look like a teen again, but you can look good for your age and that should be anyone's goal. And a lot of cute young guys have swollen heads instead of swollen dicks! Give me a face with character and a hot body any day; even a short dick is great for pounding your ass hard! (you can feel the balls hit your ass especially from the front, with no pain) Anyway, 'friends with benefits' are out there and remember to practice safe sex! There are also devious people out there so don't be too trusting; get to know someone first. Beware of drugs. And keep exercising. - Wayne

  5. Hehe, that's cool! but how did you meet them? on a dating site? I hope that something interesting can come up from these encounters :)

    et oui, je parle français et j'habite en suisse-romande, tu es bien informé sur notre pays :)

  6. I can imagine how weird it feels.. but it's very possible that they're (especially the second one) is true to you!

    I also don't believe in horoscopes dictating how your days will go.. but I do think that they're generally correct in terms of certain personality traits and character-like stuff...

    Mr. B (hehe) take care of yourself and remain as careful as you are with those guys and others...

    Best of Luck!

  7. @charlie: Yeah, on a dating site... Well, it's kinda hard to find someone just by walking the street, or you could go to gay club, but still, it's so weird, cause you will probably out yourself :P and I don't wish that right now.

    @Sam: Thank you so much, I will be careful... :)


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