Thursday, February 4, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell in my country and in the world

2/04/2010 04:06:00 PM
I've noticed that in these past few days a lot of people is talking about this Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy in USA and to be honest, this policy is the basic policy for gays and „different“ people in my own country. It's not only for military, it's for everything, and it's so true. Like, no one, even if he/she knows obviously that you are gay/bi/different will never ASK, and a lot of people, because of homophobic situation will never TELL, even if they have secret life and a lot of experience in gay relationship and gay life. And as far as I understood, Obama prohibit this kind of policy in military. He basically said: "the gay is ok" :) Well done, Obama.

OK, here's a video, please noticed how did the military representatives reacted when he announced that the gay people can serve US military. They didn't applaud and I can say that they were burned from the inside cause of Obama's speach.

I was also watching this the whole night and I realised that the world isn't so ready for gay or LGBT people, and not only in my country. At all! Or at least the equality is only at the beginning of a process. I mean, the whole Africa and a lot countries in muslim world have death penalties. Like, if I would like to go to Dubai (and I would really like that cause the city looks amazing), I couldn't probably watch or try anything with any other man, cause maybe I would end up in prison or worse, I don't even want to think about that. And recently I have been told by a friend that even some catholic country (Uganda) is trying to make some law against gays which occurs death penalty.

What do you think about this death penalties for "different" people? I'm kinda scared cause it seems like we are living in Middle Ages and not in Modern Age.

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  1. Well there's a long rode for gays to go, but each day we are closer to dreamland :D

    Lol the faces of the Army Members lol, they were like screaming inside lots of racial things lol

    Obama is cool :D

  2. Gay sailor here who reads your blog...thanks for the post.

    None of us are free...till ALL of us are free.

    Daemon USN/SS

  3. Obama kinda rocks, hey! lol

    I have a Ugandan friend at school and I was asking him what he thinks about that new law against homosexuality...
    He pissed me off because he did not show that he is against it at all!!! He said, it's only prison the penalty for now and does not think that death penalty would be really applied (he's a bit ignorant though). But that's not the point!! HE CANNOT CLAIM TO BE CIVILIZED AND EDUCATED and then find that nothing is wrong with having such laws in place!

    He pissed me off Big Time and I argued a little with him about his opinion but then I had to lessen my anger... he asked me why I care this much so I told him: " I simply respect all people - no matter how different they are. And I cannot accept having such DUM laws in place..."

    Bleh anyway... it's true that it feels like we're still living in some time worse than the Middle Ages!!!

    Peace to us all!

  4. I think death penalties should be abolished. Period. Who are to decide who lives and dies like that? Society hasn't fundamentally changed since the dawn of human civilization, only the technology we use. Modern refers to what humans have created, not humans themselves.

  5. @Daemon: Thanks a lot for reading, hope everything is okay now when the law "DADT" is over... All the best

    @Sam: I know a feeling when you argue with someone and then need to retreat, especially when it comes to homosexuality... And I've found more details about this law... It's still in progress, it's not accepted, at least I read that on some gay community... I will probably made anotgher post about this subject...

    @Aek: Well said, my friend :P


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