Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My future and Superpower?

2/17/2010 01:38:00 PM
Ask anything eh? ;-)1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In regards to career, where you'll be living, who you'll be with, would you have kids, etc.2. If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?
Interesting questions, well both of them. Thanks for asking.

1. I was thinking a lot about this before. I'm studying some interesting but very tricky University (I really love it, but it's tricky cause it doesn't have some sure perspective considering future, in few words, I will find job very hard). It's University considering arts. I love writing and photography, and that two are my life dreams. I would like to become writer and also, I'm great fan of photography, so I would like to become a photographer, too, but it will be only my hobby or even my profession, I don't really know, I would really like both.

I always loved to take pictures of everything, but never had a chance to hold some professional camera and to really learn something professionally about photography. I always had some crappy cameras, but I experimented a lot with them, and I'm great with Photoshop. I even have account on and a few amateur shots (with crappy 3.1 megapixel camera lol) and some digital art pictures, but it really came out amazing... Now, after buying this amazing laptop, I'm saving to buy my first real professional camera (I can't wait to hold it in my hands)... So, I'm focusing on that hobby and to my University and literature (reading, writing). I also love to write, and others says that I'm really good at writing (of course, on my mother tongue :P), so maybe one day you will hear about me (lol) :P... One more reason to perfect my English, cause I would like to write in English, too...

So, all in all, I see myself living in New York, in some amazing flat, with my own studio, taking pictures for living or living somewhere in Tokyo or Europe or on some deserted island and writing books (and this blog :) ) or taking amazing art pictures by traveling the world...

That's my dream, and I will do my best to make it true.

2. Superpower? I love this type of questions. Like a child, I was thinking a lot about this, but we played a game with three powers, not one, it's not fair :( Well, my favorite ones are immortality, invisibility, stopping time and flying through time. Oh oh, and yeah, reading minds. But if you really force me to choose only one, I think that I will choose probably immortality. It's maybe selfish and not so unusual, but I'm honest. With that I could do almost anything, and of course, I would like to remain young. I like every single human being is of course afraid of death and with this I will get time. I mean, even if I'm 19 years old, I kinda feel old and don't know exactly why and it seems to me that 30s will come very fast and I don't want that. And if I get bored of living forever, well, I will think about that part when it comes LOL, kidding. Well, that's probably disadvantage of immortality. Maybe the best power is to stay what you really are and enjoy life which is given to you.

OK, thanks for asking... I'm off to start writing post for third 'Ask Me Anything' question :)

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  1. You have a deviantART account eh? So do I! Email it to me, I'd love to take a look (and I'll let you know my account too). :-)

    As for super-powers, I've given that a ton of though too, lol. I think I would like either the ability to shapeshift into any animal/person, or the ability to temporarily clone myself into multiple me's. Think of all the things I could do simultaneously if there were 5 of me!!

    I shy away from immortality because you'd also have to live through watching all of your friends grow old and die, and that's depressing.

  2. Oh, I totally forgot about that "friends will grow old"... I also gave that one a lot of thought :P :( but never mind, I know that I will never be immortal so no worries :D

  3. I'd love to hava telekinesis, I've always liked that power...

    And I love Photography too...

  4. As Aek, said; immortality does not seem like the best super power...
    I always wish I could be a vampire (a hot one, of course!) but I don't really like the immortality side of it - unless I find my cute and loving partner who I'd turn into vampire too lol

    I also enjoy photography and am planning on spending more time on it. I had a photography seminar the other day - I'll post about it and link you to it! :)

    I hope your dream career comes true! (I will meet you then in NYC)

  5. OK, here we go again, OMG, I also wanted to become vampire... And not because there is so many vampire movies in past few years. I would be good one :) And I have something interesting to tell you about the word vampire, but I'll leave that for e-mails... (when you figure out where I'm from) lol ...

    Looking forward to this NYC future :P we could be roommates :D the life in NY is hard!

  6. B I'll love to be you're rommie :D, but we should live in Paris :D

  7. @Manu: lol, why not :P but better to live somewhere else, Paris is like too near :)


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