Monday, February 1, 2010

Working out :)

2/01/2010 12:59:00 AM
OK, I decided to start working out harder. I mean, I am very athletic and my body is kinda nice built (I won't be modest about this, but I'm not perfect yet, and I plan to fix that. I do a lot of sport and it really takes some affect at my packs and body and I have the most amazing thing in the world, the fast organizme, I mean I can eat whole day and I simply can't get fat, thanks to my mom and dad :P). So from tomorrow, I'm starting to workout more harder and more organized, I even made some small plan of excersises.

And I will probably keep my record of body changing over here, so expect some pictures of me :) but not immediately and not for sure, I will try to post them after some time when I notice that there is some effect, I mean on the pictures 'before' and 'after' :).

That's all for now... :D Thanks for reading!

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  1. lol, we're hoping to see the pics lol

  2. Haha, surely you mean "metabolism" when you wrote "organizme" right? If so, I so envy your metabolism, as mine's the exact opposite. >.<

    But I look forward to these pics that you may/may not put up here. I'm sure your body's more than fine as it is though. :-)

  3. B

    Good luck with your workouts and i hope you derive the look you desire for your body in life. Also thanks for your kind words on my last post. Ill have to add you to MSN to find out a bit more about you

    take care and be safe


  4. Hi, I'm a homosexual guy in late middle age (honesty is important!) and this winter is so fuckin boring that I have been commenting on some of the young guy blogs lately. All my life, I never expected a prospective guy to be 'cute' or handsome but I do insist that he be slim and muscular with a nice ass; because that is the way I have always kept myself, even today. A lot of those hot young 6-pac guys in the sex vids didn't get that way sitting on the couch eating pizza, pop, and chips while playing video games! It takes a dedicated work-out routine that is a part of your lifestyle. I'm not talking about ugly bulky muscles, but that slim, muscular look with a tight ass. All I do is eat quality food, control food intake, do raised push-ups, sit-ups with weights, side bends with weights, arm curls with dumb bells, every three days, and ride my freeride bike like crazy. You must realize that most teens have fast metabolisms and this slows in the twenties and thirties and your body will become a little more heavy-set. Most guys make the mistake of not decreasing their food intake and put on fat. And you are not confused; listen to your cock; it knows what it likes! lol - Wayne

  5. @wayner: Thank you so much for comment. :) Yeah, I'm aware of that fact that I need to work hard to get my 6 packs :P lol, I trained a lot before, but I stopped because of winter (I hate winter and cold weather), so I couldn't ride my bike, and I really don't remember why I stopped with push-ups and weights (but the point is that I continued with that now), I also LOVE riding my bike... It's the best thing in the world... I can't wait for spring to come so I can go again... Yesterday, it was snowing like crazy, and now my house is covered in snow :(

    And hahahahahaahah for 'listening to my cock', you are totally right, thanks for advice, I will use it :) Thanks one more time :D


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