Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My First Gay Date

3/10/2010 10:28:00 PM
It is exactly like it sounds, I went out on a date with some guy. I just came back and I wanted to inform you first (May already knows, lol). It was a HUGE step for me as a totally closeted guy. A lot had happened during a week and a half while I was absent. And big sorry, but this will be quick post and a teaser for the full story, cause I'm super busy with school, and my midterms are starting this Friday and I need to catch up with the work, cause I'm a lot behind.

OK, that's all for now. The complete story is coming this Sunday :-) and also a few more answers to your questions. Thank you one more time for asking and reading and following and everything. I love you all.

And sorry to all bloggers because I didn't read your blogs in quite some time, like I said, I'm very busy, and I will catch up with blogosphere when I get some spare time. I miss you and your blogs...


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  1. Hope you had a good time
    Take Care

  2. Omg, wow, that's awesome! I can't wait for the full story!!

    Best of luck on your midterms!! I'm sure you'll do great. :-D

  3. and I'm soooo happy fo you :)

  4. :o you can't just post than and expect me to sleep well :p

    I want the full story naaaaoooo :)

  5. Awesome! :D I hope you had a good time. :) Well, I hope you BOTH enjoyed each other's company.

  6. Hi B.; So happy for you; maybe this guy can give you some support and help on the way out of the closet. Of course there are many other factors in your life to consider so there is no rush. I know you and Sam are working hard for exams, but don't worry cause you guys are favourited and no problem to check. - Wayne

  7. Yaaaaaaaaaayyy!!! Je suis tres content pour toi, mon ami!
    I cannot wait for the full story either, I will read it during my little break from stupid exams revision.
    J'espere que tout va bien, et Bonne chance dans les examens!

    Thanks Wayne! :)

  8. Wow... Congrats!

    Looking forward to hear the details!

  9. @Manu, Aek: Thanks... :)
    @Ethan: Yes, I did, even though nothing happened.
    @Aaron: I also hope for that. I did enjoy and I think that he also enjoyed, dunno.
    @wayner: Thank you so much, it really means a lot :)
    @the_immigayrant: :)
    @Sam: Merci beaucoup mon ami... :D


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