Monday, April 19, 2010

Answers to Questions

4/19/2010 04:38:00 PM
Q: Whats your favorite pizza topping? I'm personally a plain old cheese guy :)
A: Pizza topping? Well, I have never thinked about that... We have some topping called beef salad and I usually put that.

Q: 1. What do you wear to bed? 2. Describe your ideal guy in as much detail as possible. 3. Same as #2, except ideal woman instead. 4. Any sexual fantasies? If so, describe them.
A: 1. Pijamas, lol, yeah, I know, but only when it's cold and it's winter. During summer, I sleep in boxers and half naked.

2. He's tall, about my height, I don't like too much short nor too much taller than me. He shouldn't be fat nor feminized, I like muscule guys, not too much, just to be deffined and that I can see his muscles... Sport guy. I would like that he's smart, talkative, outgoing, funny and beautiful. I'm searching for someone to be my support and the guy who will always be there for me, to talk to me, to understand me, to be with me. I have never thought about hair nor eyes colour. But that's not that importrant. If I feel comfortable next to a guy, then that is it :P I hope that you are satisfied.

3. She's shorter than me. Hot. She's not fat. She's beautiful, has full lips, good breasts, a line, meaning, she's attractive. I prefer longer hair and not too much makeup, as natural as possible. I like dark hair more then bright colours. I would like that she's also funny, outgoing, not too shy, talkative. That she understands me and that she's my support and my shelter. I would like to go to the seaside with her and to enjoy life with her. I will give her the same... But, I will repeat same as with boys, if I feel comfortable nexto to a girl, then that is it.

And to be honest, I have never felt comfortable next to a girl, well, at least I realised that when I made out with V. It was better than making out with a girl, even though I didn't do it too many times. Maybe it's like that cause I have some blockade in my head, cause I have „secret“ thoughts about guys and V. knows about it, so I feel more relaxed with him than with a girl.

4. I have already described this... Read my "Perfect Day" fantasy HERE.

Q: What're the top 5 countries (that you haven't already been to) that you'd most want to visit?
A: United Kingdom
United States
Holland or Netherlands

And hopefully, I will visit first two in next two years, you will be informed probably. I love to travel and I have travelled a lot. OMG, I would like so much to apply for "The Amazing Race", I love that show, as you probably noticed...

Q: Hmmm, any question eh? Are you uncut or cut? Are most guys where you live uncut/cut? What're your thoughts on it all?
A: I'm uncut and in my country most guys are uncut. And my thoughts about this is that I like uncut guys more. It's more natural and I don't know, I think that it's healthier if you wash yourself regulary, cause when you cut, your head of a penis is exposed and this as the most sensitive part of your body, it can't be that good to be constantly stroken in the pants and stuff. And it's probably easier to masturbate when you are uncut :-)

Q: what type of boys do you like?
A: I have already answer this, look above... I like boys/guys/men who are boy/guy/men, not feminised or guys acting like girls. If you are a man, be a man! I don't have anything against femisied boys, it is your own choice, but my personal taste is like this. I don't like that, I'm not attracted to that...

Q: I love you man. Do you have a lot of gay friends? How do you know them in your country?
A: I don't have any gay friends (meaning close friends) in my real life (or maybe I have, but I'm not aware that they are gay), cause it's really hard to know them in my country. I met with Ian and I thought that we will stay friends. We chat from time to time, but we didn't see each other in ages. I have few online friends, who I met throught this blog. That's all! And the only way how you can get to know someone gay is through dating site or if you are openly gay, which I'm not, and I don't act like gay, I don't go out at gay clubs and stuff like that. It's really hard. I would like to have someone to share my thoughts and just to talk. That's also one of the reasons why I started with this blog.

Q: i love you.
A: :$ :$ :$ :$

Q: Do you any interest exept sex?
A: Okay, to be honest, I didn't understand question. If it is "Do you have any interest except sex?" the answer is „yes, of course!“... I'm searching for everything considering relationship (dating, going out, hanging out, talking etc.), and I have million hobbies... I'm planning to finish school and to find my job and to live life. :-)

Q: Have you always had the certainty of your sexal orientation?
A: No... I had some suspisions when I was about 13, 14 but as I said million times before, I felt really uncomfortable and really unnormal, cause I'm raised in conservative society. I accepted my sexuality and the possability of having sexual orientation other than heterosexual when I turned 17. From that until now, a lot have happened and I consider now myself NORMAL... And I decided that I won't label myself. So, I'm "different" from the major part of our society, I like both men and women. Maybe I'm gay or bi, but for now, I won't label myself, until I fully discover myself...

Thanks all... Thank you so much for asking these questions... And sorry if I'm bit late with the answers, that's why I'm publishig all the answers in one single post.

Feel free to ask me more... This is nice way to comunicate with my readers. (Ask me Anything)

Be safe and take care,

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Secret Blogger is writing about his life, living as a gay guy in a homophobic society.


  1. Uncut penises freak me out somewhat...i's probably because I've never seen one and all the penises I keep seeing (I'm a med student, so I get to see alot of penises whether I want to or not) are all cut cut cut cut!

  2. Maybe we can arrange something for you to see some uncut penises :P It's way more better... :D

  3. I wear pyjamas in winter and boxer briefs the rest of the year same as you! I think I am uncut too; the head is mostly covered when flaccid, but retracts when erect and I am glad because I think this increases sensitivity.
    -And same as you, I was suspicious that I was homosexual when I was 14, but it took a few years to confirm it. And I like guys slim and a bit muscular; a face with character is just fine. And a nice 6 incher is just fine. So you seem like a pretty regular homosexual to me lol. bfn - Wayne :)

  4. Or bisexual :) :D Well, I never thought about penis size... :D It's not that important, or at least I think now that it's not important, as little unexperienced guy :P

  5. What's beef salad? o_O

    I'll sleep completely naked if I can when it's warm. Otherwise, a T-shirt and boxers to bed for me (sometimes pajama bottoms if it's really cold).

    I like to travel too. :-) So how/why will you be able to go to the UK and Canada within the next 2 years?

    Being uncut rocks. But yeah, gotta keep it clean and all. Treat that well, and it'll pay you back pretty well. :-P

    Phunk Factor: I'm a med student too! Though I haven't seen that many penises. Depending on where you live in the world, they're mostly cut, uncut, or a mix of both. Heh, just how it is.

    wayner: You "think" you're uncut? It definitely sounds like you're uncut to me, lol.

  6. lol with me we are three med students :)

    hehe :)

    My perfect boy I don't care about looks, as long as he is nice, beauty fades but a good personality is important, now if the guy is cute and great personality I won't complain. One thing I like is a good smile, I just love big smiles, and pretty eyes I don't care colour, but pretty puppy eyes :)

    And I like two types of bodies, well is hard to explain so I'll post it on my blog someother time :p

  7. @Aek: Beef salad is some mix up with beef meat, some mayonese and stuff like that. Very tasteful and very FAST, meaning on fast food lol :P

    And I have some cousins in UK and Canada... You will be informed on this blog probably... I'm only hoping to go there, even though I have great chances to do that...

  8. Hey!! Been ages!! Haven't heard from you in a while!!

    Hope things are cool!


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