Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Spring Break and Date With V.

4/13/2010 02:47:00 PM
I come back from my trip yesterday. It was amazing, even though I was with a girl who I know only for 6 months... But she was really good company and we really become close friends after this trip.

Nothing special happened, I wasn't that much alone and I didn't wanted to try anything with some guy, cause she doesn't know about me. But I felt free and I was able to watch other guys directly in the eyes without a fear and I was surprised how many views I got in return... The country is really gay-friendly and the guys are really hot :-) If I were with May or alone, definitely something would happen. I just remembered when the friend was buying the toothbrush in the store, and the guy who was working there and I think that he was gay, meaning he was dressed and he's bit a metrosexual. I mean, he wasn't feminine (feminized or whatever it's spelled) or anything (and just for the record, I don't like that feminine acting and that kind of stuff), but I simply felt that he's gay, so I think that my gaydar or whatever it's called isn't that bad :-). He looked at me and I was looking at him and we felt the vibe and it was amazing feeling :)))) We both smiled at each other and my friend didn't notice anything, she was all into the toothbrush and stuff she forgot to bring :P He was really good looking and I even thought few times to go back to that store :)

One time while I was alone, I even walked down the street toward gay village, but it was really late and I didn't have buses and metro later to come back to the hotel and the city is not that safe during the night, so I needed to go... But I noticed two hot guys sitting on the bench near that village in some small park and they were talking and watching each other with love, and they were really close and it really looked like flirting and a date, it was really romantic atmosphere all around and if I had a camera (OMG, I need professional camera really soon :'(, I want to start with photography) I would capture that amazing moment, but my normal (crappy) camera was in the hotel, so I couldn't even capture some crappy picture and I didn't wanted to pull out my mobile phone, cause it will be weird taking the picture, it would be really obvious, while with camera you can do some voyeur pictures easily. I was alone with them in that park, so I enjoyed the moment while I was passing by and I went to the next bus station.

Next time, I'm going straight into the village and you will see amazing pictures... :-)

So, nothing special happened, the guy from that country who I met online at THE dating site ditched me cause he is in a relationship and he didn't wanted to go for a coffee. I understand, so my potential holiday date failed... But I didn't care, I mean, I understood him and I just enjoyed my relaxing time with a friend and to be honest, I didn't want to try anything there cause you know, three guys were waiting me in my city. I even wanted to meet up with this guy only as a friends, and that's all, I didn't expected anything, I like making new friends. But nothing happened, who knows why is this good. There is a reason for everything.

BUT, the most amazing thing happened when I come back. I went on a date with V.... YEAH! I know that it's all of a sudden, and it really happened fast, but I will explain it to you. After coming back from a trip, I laid down to rest after exhaustion from the travel and while I was on my trip I was all the time in a contact with V., we were texting each other a lot and it really was good. So when I woke up, somewhere in the afternoon, we were chatting on the MSN and he needed to go out with some friend to the downtown. And then all of a sudden, he asked me what will I do that night, yesterday, and I was like: "Nothing" and he simply asked if I want to come to the downtown, and we met each other in the center after his coffee with a friend and it was AMAZING! He looks even better than on a picture and he's hot and well built (he goes to the gym) and he's really outgoing. I loved that! I'm also very outgoing and we really "clicked"... We are really alike and we talked like 2 hours and it felt like it passed only 5 minutes, it wasn't boring at all, I lost the sense of time. He's so intelligent and talkative and cute. Has a wonderful smile and you know, I already told you, his sexy voice, lol. I really liked him and I think that he liked me, too. Later, after a date and coming back home, we talked again on MSN and he told me that I look even better in person than on pictures, and that's really nice comment, cause I know that I'm not photogenic person which means that if someone liked me on the pictures, he/she will like me even more in the person... I hate to be photographed, but I love photography and taking pictures :)

And I really felt the vibe from him, we were kinda flirting and stuff, and then all of a sudden in a middle of a talk about movies he told me if I want to go to a cinema sometimes, and I was like "of course" and later he told me that he wanted to watch the movie as soon as it comes out in theaters cause he's also Greek mythology freak as me, and then he asked me: "How about tomorrow?" (which is today) and I was like "OMG" and I accepted, I want to see him so bad again, and after a date he was really talking a lot about second date and "the next time" and stuff like that. That's why I think that he liked me. So, I'm going to meet him in about 2 hours, we will take a walk in the city and later we are going to watch "Clash of the Titans"... Can't wait!!! Wish me luck, who knows what will happen in the dark... Kidding, we are taking it slow ;)...

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  1. I too wanna see Clash of the Titans....even I am a big time Greek Mythology geek! U sound pretty excited about ur second date....that's cute!

    Have fun!!

  2. Thanks :) I hope that it will be good, I expect a lot from a movie, I got disappointed with Percy Jackson... They ruined the mythology, :( I mean the story was kinda okay and the idea was okay, but there is a lot of holes in the story which I can't handle, as a Greek Mythology geek :P

  3. Wow, you and 'V' sounds really nice; I know what you mean about being photogenic; people always seem to catch you looking your worst; glad we can easily delete on today's digital cameras. I have always loved Greek architecture and mythology; I'm definitely going to see this movie. I'm glad things are going well for you. bfn - Wayne :)

  4. Thanks wayner :) I'm just going to start getting ready... We are meeting less than an hour :)))

    I'm glad to see that you are doing alright also :)

  5. Woah! Lots of stuff happened. Good for you. :-D

    I hope the movie goes well with V. Also, I hope you enjoy the movie . . . I hear it got not-so-great ratings (at least here in the US).

  6. See I knew you would like this guy



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