Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break Trip

4/04/2010 04:43:00 PM
This will also be a quickie, I just want to inform you that from tomorrow I will be on my holiday/trip for seven days for Spring Break.

I'm traveling outside my country with only one friend, and SHE doesn't know about my sexuality. It will be very awkward cause we are both in the same room, and we know each other for like 6 months, which is not that much. And she's really hot, but I will try to control myself, hahaha, kidding. A lot of other people wanted to go, but they bailed us slowly because of their obligations, someone has late exams, someone has problems with passport and so on, and in the end, that left us with only me and this girl friend.

I'm going to a very beautiful and VERY old city with great history and culture, that's all what I'm saying... :-)

If I get a chance to be myself for some time, I will try to go to some gay club, cause this country is gay-friendly, they even have gay village, and it's very near our hotel :-)

Also, I will try to figure out what I will do with those three guys from previous post, I really need a break, and this trip will be awesome for that, but as far as I'm concerned, the best choice is V. guy (like Ethan said... Thanks, mate, for advice and sharing this opinion, I also feel that way :D, but still I feel some affection with Alex and with Mike, too... Mike is totally confused, but still really good and caring, I can see that)... Yesterday, I talked with Alex a bit, and I clearly told him that I have problem with his age (I didn't mention the looks cause I don't want to have definite opinion about that before meeting him in person, maybe that boldness looks good on him)... So, we are going to have a date on 13th of April, only one day after I'm back from my trip. And I forgot to say, and I noticed in your comments that it's a big deal. He's not OUT, he doesn't even have gay friends, and no one knows about him. When I think that way, I come out to May that I'm "different" and I met Ian, who become a friend of mine, so basically, I'm even more "out" than him. V. and Mike are not out of the closet, too. And I like that, we are really same, everyone here is.

Okay, I'm going to finish with my packing... I will have Internet access there, I won't bring my laptop, we have free Internet cafe in the hotel, but I don't know will I blog from there, or I will, but the posts will be short and fast, cause of the friend, I don't want to leave her too long alone. And I will blog if anything interesting for this blog happens :D

Take care, and big hug for you all! (wow, I'm such a gay lol)

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Secret Blogger is writing about his life, living as a gay guy in a homophobic society.


  1. Hehe, take care and have a fun (and safe) trip!! :-)

  2. Yeah well that's good never hurts to give them a chance

    take care and enjoy yourself

  3. Hmmm, you don't sound at all confused about your sexuality. You sound like a raging queen.

    BTW, You need to take an Engrish class - or two.

  4. lol this coming from the guy to ashamed of showing his identity.

    Oh wow how sad your life must be now go craw in a corner and sit down and shut up

    Good boy and have a cookie too

  5. Have a nice trip!! I'm not sure but I might have guessed the country ;) Looking forward to hear about your trip!

  6. @Aek: Thanks mate, it was amazing!

    @Ethan: Thanks :D I enjoyed a lot!

    @Anonymous: Thanks for a comment and for taking the time to read my blog. Maybe I sound like that, cause I tend to be as honest as I can here. And yes, I'm still "confused", even though I'm on a good way to "find" myself... It is really hard for me to accept myself, because I come from a really conservative society and I even have some thoughts about changing the title of a blog and I will do that in some short time, when I think something interesting for a title...

    And now about my English. If you were reading my blog, you would notice that I said that my English is not that good million times before, and that this blog is kinda some way for me to make my English bit better. I know that it's not perfect, but I can tell you that I have nice level of understanding, talking and writing in English... And beside English, I can speak about 5 languages and with that, I have enviable level of English, and I'm aware of that cause I hear and look at other people from my county who can't make simply sentence, so please don't be that judgemental and harsh, no one is perfect...

    At least, I'm trying and making some effort, someone won't even try!!! And I'm for now satisfied... It will become better with time.

  7. @Anonymous: And thanks one more time for reading my blog and commenting... Every comment and opinion is welcome and I really appreciate it...

  8. @charlie: Well, it kinda is obvious... I really would like to hear your opinion, can you send me a email :D

  9. Glad you had fun


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