Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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5/18/2010 12:26:00 PM
Forget the previous post, everything is okay now :) I was on date yesterday with Mike and I enjoyed his company so much and I could felt it that he enjoyed mine and later he even told me that on MSN...

We went to my favourite café because the weather was really shitty (and it still is :'( ) but we talked and talked and forget about other people around us. One of the most important things I like about this café is that it doesn't have a lot of visitors (cause it's some combination of cinema with café and people just enter the cinema and the café is empty even though it looks so amazing and so peaceful and really nice, comfy). I feel relaxed out there, so I can talk freely, because you know as a closeted boy living in a homophobic nation you need to pay attention who is listening and who is around and stuff like that, and it really is hard, especially now, when I'm with another guy...

So, let's go back to the story, we talked and hanged around for 3 hours and like I said before, I like him more and more with every second spent with him. He surprises me a lot in the process of getting to know him. He's so intelligent, mature and funny and so freaking hot... :-)

Later we wanted to go to the cinema, but the projection was too late, so we didn't go, but for sure we will go at our next date...

Then we went to the bus station, and he waited my bus with me, cause his bus goes more often than mine. It was sweet from him... And then my bus came and I was talking something and he was like: "I haven't listen anything to you now, some thought crossed my mind"... and I needed to hurry for the bus so I didn't get to ask him there what it was. We simply shook hands and looked at each other with "the" look... and I simply went to my bus and he entered his.

Then, we were texting each other on our way to home and when I and he entered the house we immediately went on MSN to chat and he told me that the thought which slipped his mind was how THIS (gay dating) should be normal and he wanted to say "good bye" on RIGHT way. And the same thought crossed my mind while I was entering in the bus and while I was traveling to meet him. I mean, we shook hand and simply said "see ya" which is kinda not enough. I would jump at him and kiss him passionately every time I see him, but I can't :-( This is the worst part of homophobic society, no physical contact in public (not even a holding hands), we are acting like we are friends, while we both want something more...

And then we continued our conversation over the MSN and it really felt amazing. He told me million times that he likes me and that he had great time and stuff like that and he calls me "his boyfriend" so now it's official. That's why I told you to forget the last post :-) ...
We were chatting until 3 AM, and I needed to make some break cause I was studying (I have some test today and I'm also writing this during my break from studying) but I didn't want to go off the MSN...

And one thing amazes me the most and it's so nice and it suits me a lot... In the conversation, when we mentioned friends and talking about someone, he's like: "You will meet him for sure someday, he is so amazing"... even though that friend is in Australia right now... and he will stay there for at least a year. So, the conclusion is, he wants something really long term... And that is really so sweet and so amazing and I like it... A LOT! :D

OMG, I think that I'm slowly falling in love and I'm so glad because of it... For the first time, I will get the same feeling in return... :) (I hope for that)...

And like wayner said: the great summer is slowly approaching... Can't wait! And I'm soon over with my college and I can't wait to go on summer break, to relax and to enjoy my time with Mike.

I'm seeing him tomorrow, he's coming over at my place, I'm home alone in the morning from 6 AM until 2 PM and he will go out somewhere with his sister tonight and he will come directly from nightlife to my place. Can't wait! I want to kiss him so bad... And oh, I forgot to mention one fact about him. He's so fucking, freaking AMAZING KISSER :)

OK, I'm going back to study a bit more... Wish me luck on today's test, I really need it, cause I didn't study that hard... :-)

Thanks for reading and for all the previous comments, it really means a world to me to read them... Take care!
B. :-) :-) :-)

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Secret Blogger is writing about his life, living as a gay guy in a homophobic society.


  1. Freak'in amazing!! Ur last post put me down some-what, but Im' glad things are getting to a good place fr u with Mike!!!

    Hope they only get better!! :)

  2. Amazing! I am so happy for you both. I am sure space and time will make a place for you to get to know each other better and the freedom to express yourself.

    Knowing that you are sharing a part of you life with someone you care about brings a smile to my face and a song to my heart.

    All we need is love. So true. Michael and I wish you the best of fortune in this new adventure you are having!



  3. Good to ya, in all regards!! :-D

  4. Oh man, sounds so wonderful. Remember to be careful around homophobic society; your happy relationship is important. Its almost like it is 30yrs behind the times where you are concerning sexuality. When you complete your education, maybe you can find a gay-friendly community to live in. Yeah, it is like summer now here in eastern Canada and I love the outdoors. bfn - Wayne :) (and get more sleep! lol)

    Gee! Your post made me smile from beginning to end. I wished the writing never stopped! I could imagine how happy you are.. I am super glad for you! I hope you remain in love and that your relationship with Mike keeps on prospering.
    PS: I miss you!


  6. @Aek: Thanks my friend... :)
    @Phunk Factor: Thanks, yeah I hope that too, everything seems fine now... He's so great and I miss him a lot (and we didn't see each other only one day) :)
    @Daemon ΄Ίκαρος Δάμων: Thanks so much, it really means to read the comment like that... Say hi to Michael from me... :) Ειρήνη ;)
    @wayner: No worries about being careful, living and seeing what I have seen, it really makes you be strong and very careful...
    PS. I will probably go to Canada next year, but this is still some plan, it's not sure... :)
    @Sam: Thanks, my friend :) I will try to come online more often, when the work with school is finished...

  7. I'm glad you've found someone mate.

    PS: Hot pic of the two kissing!

  8. @fireinthebelly: Thanks :) I'm also glad...



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