Monday, May 17, 2010

New Boyfriend

5/17/2010 12:30:00 PM
Boyfriend... Wow, this really starts to sound really amazing and nice and I'm getting used to it and I like it a lot :)

I haven't been blogging for some time, again... Shame on me... Sorry... And I have huge news... I'm with new boy, yeah, it's Mike and today is exactly one week being in a relationship with him.

We are taking it really slow and he's for now really great and I'm starting to care for him more and more from day to day. I'm bit scared of losing him like I lost V. cause he also seems cold sometimes and I even think that maybe problem is in me. We'll see... It seems that I'm giving more than receiving, meaning on emotions and stuff like that, and I'm scared that I don't do something what will scare him away. As for him, he didn't stop texting me, like V. did, and he tells me that he likes me and wishes me good nights and stuff like that (shortly said, he seems that he also cares about me), and we hear with each other everyday, even though I saw him last time in Wednesday. But in some moments, he seems distant... I need to talk to him about this, but not yet, maybe things will change...

We are supposed to hang out today in the city for a while, even though the weather is so shitty, there's a lot of wind and it rains like crazy... I don't know what is wrong with weather. Only one week ago it was 27 degrees (Celsius) and you could walk in your shorts down the streets and now I need my winter jacket :-( I hate when the weather is shitty... It's supposed to be summer soon...

Okay, that's all for now, only quick update, thanks for reading and for following...

I remind you that you can ask me any question at Ask Me Anything site or at the right of this blog using the form provided... I have 3 questions for now which I will answer at the end of May... Thanks for asking and I expect some more... Remember, it's called Ask Me ANYTHING!!! :P

Take care,

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  1. Hi B. Yeah, sometimes you have to be careful to give your boyfriend some space. Lots of hetero guys complain that their girlfriends smother them too much and keep a short leash. A relationship should be fun and friendly; no one wants a jealous control freak. As time passes he might open up more. Keep in mind also that we all have some mistakes in our past and no one is perfect. Sounds like a fun summer coming up! bfn - Wayne :)

  2. Woah, congrats. :-) Sucks to hear about the weather, it's kind of like that here as well.

  3. Congrats..Been here :) Liked the way you blog..Keep blogging :)

  4. B! nice to hear from ya! congratulations!
    It's good that you take things slow and don't be afraid to talk to him and set the "ground rules" (to give it a name), Wayner is right, you should ask him to know when its too much (and too few)

    Best of lucks

  5. Thanks to everybody... :) I'm really happy now... :D


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