Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Answers to Questions: MAY

6/01/2010 02:18:00 PM
Q: So if size doesn't matter, care to tell how big your (penis) size is? ;-) In inches and cm. Of course you're not obligated to actually answer this, lol.

A: This was really unusal question, but I will answer it... It was asked at the beginning of May and I needed to take my measure and I really didn't do that in a while... So, I measured it today and it's 17 cm long, which is around 6,6929 inches if my convertor on mobile phone is correct. I hope that you are satisfied :)

Q: Could you say me, I mean us what is that name of this date site, 'cause I see, there're ordinary ppl too(I mean that they arent talking ab wanking etc.) Thx ;)

A: Okay, I will tell you... The site where I met Mike and other guys I talked and I wrote at my blog is called Gay Romeo... and the URL is www.gayromeo.com... Go, visit them, it's nice site and I really met some nice people over there... But also, beware, there is a lot of creepy people and a lot of people who are talking about wanking and fucking and stuff, but there is "normal" people too, I mean, the ones who want something more, not only quick sex. You won't find me there anymore, lol, I deleted my profile, well, me and Mike deleted both profiles... :P

Q: Do you prefer being a top or a bottom and why?

A: I have never tried neither, so I can't really tell... But I would like to try both, why not, I can imagine myself in both position. And I know that Mike would also try both and that's so sweet and nice and I don't want to be strictly top nor bottom, I would like to be both. That's what being gay is all about :P

Q: Have you made love to Mike yet? If not, when is the big day coming?

A: No, I haven't made love with him yet :)... It's bit complicated, cause he's never alone at home and we can't relax enough to try it, and neither am I, I mean, home alone, only for few hours, which is not enough, cause we want to be relaxed and to spent whole day in each others arms :D... And our relationship is really starting to be amazing and so beautiful. When we come to this sex part, I simply KNOW that it will be so special and so nice and so "with love" :) it won't be just sex, it will be "making love" and I can't imagine it being the other way, I don't like meaningless sex... We aren't rushing things, and that's what I like about this relationship the most... We are taking spontanious and slowly and that's the best way for being in relationship. So, the answer to the second part of this question is: I don't know when the big day is coming, but I know that it will be soon, probably, we aren't planning anything... And when it happens, you will be informed, no worries ;)

That's all for now, thanks for reading... Feel free to ask more questions here: ASK ME ANYTHING... I will gladly answer them... I will try to make another post today to fill you up with more details happening in my life in these past few days...

Take care,

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  1. Hi B. About cock size; most guys are in the range 14-19cm when erect. Flaccid size depends a lot on temperature and stress. Thickness varies also. Asian guys for example have smaller cocks, but Asian guys are generally shorter and smaller in stature so their cocks are in proportion to their bodies. From what I've seen in vids and from experience smaller cocks are harder also. So although those huge wangs are nice to look at and play with, I think a smaller or an average sized cock is best for anal sex; more pleasure and less pain. For example if a guy with a smaller sized cock fucks you from the front, you can feel his balls hit your ass without getting pain. So I think being fixated on penis size is detrimental to enjoying sex. bfn - Wayne :) (sounds like you and Mike are doing things right)

  2. Thanks for your answers. :-) Now to come up with some more . . . (except I forgot what your previous answers were, lol).

  3. Hey. I like this blog. I'll read it some more when I get a free moment. I'm 22, openly gay, and write a pop culture blog with a gay edge. feel free to message me.
    jack x
    the jack of hearts

  4. Hey!! Beena ges since u posted......hope ur doing good!!



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