Friday, November 26, 2010

Surprising guy at dating site

11/26/2010 12:24:00 PM
Yesterday (well, it's more today early morning cause I was staying awake late), while chatting online and hanging out at THE gay dating site I received a message from some guy which really surprised me, and that guy kinda "forced" me to think about him the whole day...

In my profile I put a lot of I WANT and I DON'T WANT, cause the people there are looking only for one thing and that's sex. Cause I don't have any other option to find someone, you need to be bit harsh and rough. And then I got this message (cause I said I don't want the person who lies):

If someone asks you: "Are you gay?", and you say that you aren't, then aren't you the one who is a liar? ;)

Very clever question and simply when I read it, I was surprised, cause I saw immediately that behind that sentence lies a very smart, mature and open-minded brain. Of course I got interested.

And after that I replied with a very long message explaining that I will lie only if I don't feel comfortable to tell that person, and that it would be a white lie, only to protect myself and the rest of people who know about me, cause it's not safe to tell everybody that you are gay, it can affect a lot of people (not just you). Than we progressed in section where he suspects my "accepting myself" and I simply was astonished with guy and his way of thinking, so open minded and so great. He was totally different from everybody there, and then I looked at his profile and I was surprised how cute he is and how popular he is, he has about 60.000 profile views...

Very mysterious and amazing person. With one word, surprising and fresh, yeah, fresh, that's the best adjective I could think off right now, he really gave me some belief in this gay world... I think I started to feel bit bitter like Mike :(

And it was late, we started talking about a lot of subjects, I can't tell you yet which ones, cause I first need to blog about them, but you will find out soon... And simply I couldn't stop, but we needed to go, cause I was waking up early and he had to work. I can't wait to talk to him tonight... :)
P.S. OMG, while I was typing this post, that person came online at that dating site, what a coincidence :P

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  1. Yeah B, that is what stresses us homosexuals the most; being forced to live a lie. There are lies for selfish or greedy reasons, but sometimes there are lies for self-preservation. When your education is completed and you are financially independent then you will have more control concerning these issues.
    - Keep in mind that a lot of people misrepresent themselves online and a video chat insures honesty if you are interested in this guy. Gratuitous sex is one thing, but we all crave the best friend/lover all in one package. I hope that happens for you. bfn - Wayne :)

  2. Well, if nothing else, perhaps this new guy can be a good friend who can help you out along the way?


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