Friday, December 3, 2010

Class with S.

12/03/2010 01:55:00 AM
LOL, today I had an English class, and like I said last year, I so badly wanted to be same group with S. and I wasn't, he was group A, and I was group C... That was last year, but this year, as a second year of learning English, we are in the same group and in recent days we have a lot of contacts, we even walked together home few times and talked.... He is really good guy and kinda interesting, but I don't know him that much.

So today, well, this evening, it was amazing and funny cause he sat next to me cause his usual seat was taken, it was so random and unexpected. We were joking, writing together, making jokes on professor's British accent and so on, it was nice and I was so fucking deconcentrated and I was trying not to look at him that much and he was so fucking close. And yeah, he really has a bit cross-eyes... which is kinda strange, but I wouldn't make big deal out of it cause he's soooooooo fucking hot and stunning....

Okay that was a small update... Enjoy your day and thanks for reading, more bigger and better posts coming soon.

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  1. I think you are a little more eager to go to English classes now B! Once you get to know him better you can scan him with the gadar and see if there are any possibilities lol. I remember a cute guy in my class (way back when) who was totally distracting; I don't know how on earth I graded that year! bfn - Wayne :)

  2. Haha, gotta relish those annoying moments. They don't last for too long. Before you know it class is over!

  3. Where is the bigger better post that was supposed to come soon?

    Hope ur good!

  4. :)

    @Phunk Factor: Half of the post is written, the rest is coming when I find some time, I need to get inspired and to concur my emotional feelings cause sometimes when Im writing it feels hard... Nevermind, shortly said: soon :D


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