Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How I Lost Mike part 2

1/26/2011 10:12:00 PM
Read first part HERE. This post will be fast one, sorry for not going into details, but I really cant, because it is still too emotional.

Okay, after going to the station with Mike, we were waiting for bus, and chatting. I still felt that it will be the last time I see him. Then suddenly, one bus passed in other direction and Chris stepped out from it and started running and yelling at me: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??? GO GO GO, RIGHT NOW! Mike hold him and he tried to attack me.

He said to me in very laud voice to go and never to come back and because I saw that situations is quite bad and that he is MENTAL, I went, but I went only for one station and was in Mike's neighbourhood, hidden, trying to see if Mike is alright. By the way, this scene was being watched by a lot of other people who were at the station and were going out from the bus. Chris stayed with Mike, and I even saw that he started yelling at him, because he was still hurt from Mike cheating on him and dunno why, he's simply MENTAL and has a lot of issues, you can see that clearly. I tried to be his friend, honestly, and I was feeling kinda relieved and I even started caring for him, and I started and intended to understand him and he attacked me.

I stayed in neighbourhood for about an hour, it was too late and my dad were calling me and making a scene because I didn't answer at first (and God knows what he thought, probably that I'm with some new guy and stuff)... And then while I was being at neighbourhood, I tried calling Chris, to tell him that I didn't meant anything bad, that I ruined my whole day just because I was worried about HIM (Chris) and what he did to Mike's friend store and because I was worried that he killed himself and that he did something stupid... I'm so stupid, so retarded, so pathetic and so miserable person. I felt like shit, and then while I got through the call, Chris told me some nasty stuff over the phone, which proved all my pathetic, miserable, retarded mood.

I returned home, dunno how, dunno why, dunno how I got there. I felt like the last wretch on this planet. I entered home and because my father was in a mood, I had a HUGE fight with my parents, about everything. Because for them, as long as you are quite, and as long as you don't say anything, it was okay...

That day was a disaster, and I don't know how I handle it...

Sorry for being this fast and maybe confusing and maybe I didn't put a lot of details, but you got the point and I am to emotional to write about it, as you can see. I can't think straight (what a pun)... I'm tired, going to bed...

Thanks for reading and for following, hope you understand... I love you all... Good night! Tomorrow I will try to continue...

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Secret Blogger is writing about his life, living as a gay guy in a homophobic society.


  1. It really sounds like you were trying to be a good friend, it just sucks that this is happening right now :( wishing you all the best dude and that everything works out.

  2. :-( ::Hugs::

    That sounded like a rough situation, but it's now past and leave it there.

  3. I understand you, perfectly!
    I mean, wtf, love, emotions... Fuck it.
    Hope that you'll be better soon.
    Be happy.

  4. Sorry fr the late comment....hope ur feeling better and are not effected by this incident nemore!!


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