Monday, February 21, 2011

Fortune teller...

2/21/2011 03:15:00 AM
A small post between my "Budapest log" posts. David and Lucy promised me to bring me to the fortune teller soon, maybe in two-three days and it is only for fun. David's sister got amazed by what she saw her, and she didn't know anything else except her birthday and later she told her everything, described the people she cares about and stuff like that and David later came up with the idea to go there. Later, Lucy also joined and that all happened while I was in Budapest. Today, David told me that he would like if I also come and he even intended to ask her for me, even if I don't go with them, because he and Lucy are very amused with my story :) and not only because of Mike and Chris, but because I'm gay. My future is kinda very amusing and interesting, because of all the facts surrounding me.

So we are waiting for the call of that fortune teller, to see when she is in town, and we will go probably in Wednesday, I think. To be honest, I'm very scared but also very curious (we don't plan to tell her that I'm gay, to see what she will tell us) and David doesn't know about Lucy's secret crush on one of our friends (to whom I also told about my sexuality, I will name him later) and that story is also very complicated, Lucy told me everything after I came out to her. So this trip will be interesting, maybe dangerous, maybe risky, but all in all - a new experience. In the beginning I will probably only watch to see what she will tell David and Lucy, but maybe I will also join the circle of fortune telling.

This is so weird. Okay, you'll be updated, stay tuned for more about Budapest and revealing my future. And "Ask Me Anything"...

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  1. For our school's senior graduation party in high school, they had a fortuneteller of sorts come. She was an expert in telling things about people from their handwriting. All I wrote for her was my name on a sheet of paper and she told me things that still haunt me today (not all bad though).

  2. I'm also afraid of that haunting feeling... :) That's why I'm scared of going there, to be honest.


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