Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One year before

3/23/2011 04:10:00 AM
Today is exactly one year of making a first second contact (we had few messages before in February, but it was really short) with Mike through that online dating site. I know I'm living in past and maybe that's not good, but I wanted to share this detail with you. And there will be more details to come, just to keep record of my life, before and after Mike.

I feel so hurt, and so down. I saw Mike one week ago, exactly one week ago, he got back from the country where his mom lives and I missed him... I saw him, and Chris was there too, we hanged out and I saw him. I'm retarded, I'm immature, I'm so fucking naive, I'm so fucking deep in love, I'm so fucking blind, I'm maybe masochistic... but I can't help it.

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  1. Hav u tried dating other guys?

    I can't really remember a post about any other guys than Mike!

  2. Hey B it is the sex drive! It is the reason we have 7 billion people on the planet. The pain you feel is experienced by lots of straight people too so you have lots of company. Some appropriate cliches; time heals all wounds and the best cure for a lost love is a new one. Often when people find a new love they wonder why they were so stupid for being upset at losing the old one. As for Mike there is no sense in flogging a dead horse if he is going to play head games with you. You deserve someone with a level head on his shoulders and will compliment you, something more than just gratuitous sex. Perhaps if you settle back in university and relax, maybe some opportunities will show; life can be full of surprises. As for Mike unless he is willing to fully commit to you then cut your losses and move on; it will be his greater loss. bfn - Wayne (hugs)

  3. :-(

    Hang in there. Don't blame yourself for anything. Keep your head up, look forward, and keep moving on!


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