Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ricky Martin - Me

8/25/2011 04:41:00 PM
Today I got the book written by Ricky Martin entitled "Me". I opened my first credit card, but it's for Internet use only and when I got my first money, by working some job on TV, I ordered the book. I was so happy and excited when I saw it on my desk when I got home from an exam (and it came like in 5 days even though they told me it will be around September 14th), and there were some problems with my parents, cause the postman was like: "You need to sign here" and he mentioned police, dunno why (maybe some post business), and my dad was like very suspicious and asked me over the phone: "What the book is about?" in a way like he suspects even though I'm sure he doesn't know who is Ricky Martin, but I don't care. They are very old-fashined and they don't know a lot about Internet and ordering through Interned, so maybe that's why he was suspicious. We'll see tonight, when he gets back from work.

I'm going to start to read it right now, even though I have to study, I can manage to make a few hours free. :) :D

And btw, sorry because I wasn't writing about my Greece trip yet, I will finish post soon, as soon as I finish with my exams, I have the last exam on 31st of August... I need concentration and I need to set up the pictures :) So that's why I'm not done yet, even though the post is almost finished...

And for the end, here's a new song by Ricky Martin, which I like a lot...


Friday, August 12, 2011

Corfu, Greece, Summer 2011 - part 1

8/12/2011 02:39:00 AM
Where to start… I don’t know. It was amazing. It was the best summer holiday in my life. I had everything, good company, great parties, and a great ending and it was simply - perfect.

First few days I was bit down. I was going there with three of my friends, David, and two other one from childhood (I already named them Isaac and Ivan). And to be honest, I don’t know why I was down, I simply felt down. Isaac and Ivan have some tight and very stormy relationship even though they are neighbors. Ivan is a pathological liar (and on this holiday I realized why is he lying that much) and Isaac is very impulsive person and he can’t stand a lie. And I won’t bother you with unimportant details.

After two days, the crazy parties started and I have rent a bike, so I decided to go around the island by myself and one day I did and I had great time. If I didn’t mention earlier, I’m a huge bike-freak and I love driving my bike. This bike ride made me feel really better. I was driving like 45 km from the town we were in to the city of Corfu.

I was in Corfu (city) and some nearby beaches and it was amazing. The island and the city of Corfu are really beautiful and it was great experience to drive bike there. Here are some pictures, all pictures are mine, just for the record, so for the first time on this blog, you are able to see a part of me on pictures ;)

Corfu city, I'm almost in it.

Old town of Corfu (city).

Familiar street in Corfu, I forgot the name, the whole city looks like Venice.

Typical Greece... or not :)

Beautiful Greek sea... I love this picture, it came out so nice...

Issos beach, sunset...

The road back home, and my shadow on the road.

After returning bike after 4 days, I decided to start drinking (because it's a summer holiday, after all, and there's a lot of clubs around), even though I wasn’t in a drinking mood in the beginning. And I did drink and then it started to feel bit better. I didn’t drink too much, just to feel relaxed and okay and it was totally okay. I was controlling myself when it comes to drinking and I liked that. I met a lot of new people, and I will for sure stay in touch with a lot of them. I came out to one of the girls and she was totally okay with it, and we become quite close friends. Later she even approached to one of the guys for me, :)

And nights was going and going, and it was really relaxing, I forgot all my problems and I was really having a great time. Here's some pictures from night life. (and no, there's no me in it, just some random people from the clubs... :) )

"Yo, mate!"

Evening was usually ending like this for me ;)

And then 29th of July came and something amazing happened. I met someone who changed the whole ‘impression’ of this summer holiday and who made it worth million times more. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but in that particular moment I felt like that. What happened, you'll hear in the next part... Sorry for teasing, but I need to, to make it more interesting and the post started to be very long and I have more pictures to put up... The next post will be ready in two or three days...

Thanks for reading and thanks for following, love ya all...

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4


Sunday, August 7, 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

8/07/2011 11:45:00 PM
Before I publish post about my summer holiday, I would like to say a few words about Amy Winehouse. 

I was deeply hurt when Mike told me she died. I had a huge respect for her, her music and her incredible voice, and even about her problematic and unique life. She was such a great talent and the person who does what she wants to do, and especially when it comes to music, she fucking loved to sing and I loved her music so much. I'm so sad because she ruined her with drugs and alcohol, but to be honest, her death wasn't big surprise. After the last concert she held, I was hoping that she will maybe get better and it was so sad to see her in that condition. And then while I was on my holiday I've found out she died. :(

Rest In Peace Amy, fly, fly because finally you are free, find your peace...

This is my favourite song:


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Perfect summer

8/03/2011 05:51:00 PM
IT WAS PERFECT SUMMER :) I can't wait to write more about it, it was simply amazing and unbelievable. 11 perfect days...

Now I need to study a bit (yeah, back to reality :( ) but I will blog as soon as possible with more details ;)

Thanks for reading and following...
B. :))))))))) :D


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