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Corfu, Greece, Summer 2011 - part 2

9/12/2011 06:29:00 PM
When I’m drunk, I usually go from a place to a place and I’m very hyperactive, I can’t be in one place for much long, and I usually try to convince David and Isaac to go with me. (As for Ivan, we are not that close, even though I know him for 13 years, but we became quite close after this trip). And sometimes I’m mad at David and Isaac because I look at them as party breakers, and they are sometimes like that, being boring and grumpy. I can’t understand how they don’t have a wish to move a little from one place, but it’s their problem. But one night, I lost Isaac and later I’ve found him in some club where a lot of people from my country were. And I hugged him and we started going together to some other club, hugged. He was telling me about some girl he hooked up with and it was nice to hear that, because he’s in deep problem with a girl he likes, but she ditched him like six times, and he had some kissing issues (he confessed me that few days before this night and we talked a lot and I gave him some piece of advice, and his ‘new’ kiss was okay with this girl he was talking about, so I was very glad to hear the story and happy for him). Btw, Isaac is very inexperienced and immature and stubborn person, that’s the prime reason why I'm scared of telling him about me.

Okay, let’s continue… (Now my ‘movie’ starts, literally). Later, Isaac and I were walking and walking and entered the most populous club there, some people were outside, some people were inside and we climbed some table with a pole and we started going round and round the pole with some other people. Suddenly a girl from the table fell and hit the floor, but she was okay and we helped her to climb back, and I was talking with her in English and later I asked her: “Where are you from?” and she answered in my mother tongue: “(My country name), mate!” :P and it was so funny. She and her friend (a guy) on the pole were also from my country. We laughed, and then we started going around and around the pole again and I felt a touch on my butt, but not obvious touch, just like someone has ‘accidently’ put his hand there. It was so discreet and like an ‘accident’. I ignored that and I was also drunk so I wanted to continue to dance. And then I felt it again and I notice that a guy with a blue shirt, who I earlier noticed climbing the pole, was doing that… He also was a girl’s friend.

The picture taken from that table with the pole ;)

We continued to dance… and then the music stopped, Isaac and the first guy climbed down the table, and the girl who fell also climbed down. Some shit was happening, and that’s why they stopped the music. The guy in blue shirt and me were standing alone on the table, and talking some gibberish stuff, like ‘how did you come here?’, ‘where do you live in (my country)?’, ‘how was your stay here?’ and so on. Nothing special, but I felt like I should ask him something and ask him if he’s gay or not. My heart was beating so strong and I still was drunk and scared like hell. And then I simply beat my fear and said it, and it was huge step for me, it was so nice, so weird (in positive way) and so amazing in the same time... But I asked him something like: ‘Okay, never mind that (we were in middle of talk), are you maybe... in a funky mood?’ (It’s a literal translation to English. When you say to person “are you in a mood” or “are you funky” it means “gay” in gay slang in my country, don’t ask me how that happened, it’s simply like that and usually gay people know that…). And then he had a HUGE grin all over his face and said: ‘Noooo, I don’t know what you mean with that, what are you talking about?’ and I was: ‘Are you sure?’ because I saw he is uncomfortable. He grinned again and said: ‘I’m sure.’

Later, I don’t remember much of our conversation, I simply know that we continued our conversation (it was ordinary) and that was enough proof that he is gay (the grin, too). Usually when people you approach find out that you are gay they run away or they punch you in the head (I’m just kidding for this one, but who knows, I had only one experience when I approached some guy, Lucy's friend in club and he jumped away from me, literally :) )... 

And then he said something like: ‘And what about you, are you in a mood?’ and I simply answered: ‘Yes! But why is that important now, when you are not?’ (with ironic grin on my face)... And then we talked more and he said suddenly: ‘Do you wanna go to the beach?'... And I was like: ‘I can’t. First, you aren’t in the mood (sarcastic grin). And, second, this friend (and I showed at Isaac, who was yelling something with his mute voice, he had lost his voice that night) doesn’t know about me (being gay), and I can’t leave him alone...’ And we were obviously flirting... Then he said: ‘Maybe my friend can help?’ and showed me the girl, who fell of the table, she was next to my friend and watching some guys dancing. Then I jumped down, went to her and told her: ‘Me and your friend would like to go to the beach, but see, my friend doesn’t know about me, so you need to help us’… and she hugged me (music started again and you couldn’t hear nicely) and was like: ‘What? You are gay too?’ and then I knew the blue-shirt guy was gay for sure… :D :D :D I simply answered: ‘Yes!’ and she smiled and let go of me and took Isaac immediately and said: ‘You are going with us!!!’ and they got lost in the crowd.

I took blue-shirt guy and went at the backdoors who were heading to the beach. He was like: ‘That’s not the way’ and I was: ‘Relax, I know where I’m going’ (I knew club, because I was there few nights before and even though I was drunk, I’ve investigate the space)... 

‘Omg, you are taking me to the beach, and you don’t even wanna know my name,’ he was joking and then we introduced each other. And his name on this blog will be U. (to stay faithful to my ‘first name first letter’ tradition).

Instead of going to the beach, we found some chair – bench, and we sat there and we started talking. Finally he admitted that he’s ‘in a mood’ and that he was touching my butt. Later, I found out that he doesn’t hang out on THE site (dating sites) and that he studies law, that he was with only one guy (serious "relationship") and a lot of things about him, and I liked him instantly. We both were drunk and suddenly I kissed him and he was confused in the beginning, because we were in the public place but he relaxed later. And he was such a good kisser, it was amazing. He then said some joke about my tongue and about me being ‘horny’. And it was soooooo nice and soooooo perfect. We were totally relaxed and few people were passing by, and the security was closing the backdoor and no one said anything, nor staring at us.

And we talked and talked on that amazing bench, then we were kissing and kissing and then we decided to go to the beach. And we did, we were walking down the beach, joking, laughing, then we were holding hands for some short while and then U. saw some dock and decided that we go there. We sat there, it was dark, but the Moon was very bright. You could only see the Moon, stars, dark sea, and little lights from the city. It was so romantic and so peaceful. We took off our shoes, because they were so full of sand and we just sat there.

The beach during night

We talked, I told him about my parents and stuff, he told me a bit about his family and it was simply perfect and so romantic. Then we kissed again and started cuddling and we were enjoying that moment for a while, like maybe half an hour or something and then some Brits came. (Btw, this place where we went for a holiday has a lot of British visitors and they are huge mess, to be honest, but I kinda enjoy their way of fun, but only for a short while, three or four days of British ‘fun’ is enough for me... We heard about two girls being ‘shagged’ by some guy in the main street while people were taking photos and filming videos, then some guy put ketchup and mustard on the head of a guy from our hotel... Then they sprayed pepper spray to some other guy from our hotel, you could see a lot of people drunk and literally ‘dead’ in the street with puke all around you. I also like to drink and to enjoy and relax, but British fun is not 'my cup of tea' ;), only for a short time)...

Okay, let’s get back to the story. So, some British people came and they saw us in a pose when our hands and legs being so twisted all around :) and a girl just said: ‘OMG, fuck! Sorry, sorry, please continue, we are just skinny dipping’. But they ruined the mood, so we put our shoes on and pass by them, while they were jumping into water. They didn’t say anything nor even notice us leaving, even though they clearly saw it was two guys kissing and making out... It felt so good, to be honest.

We walked again and you could see that the sky was getting brighter; it was going to be a sunrise soon. We found some beach beds under a sun-umbrella and we lay there next to each other and we were playing with our hands, I was touching his and he was touching mine. It was so sweet. And then we started making plans for tomorrow. We decided to rent a scooter or an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) and go somewhere around the island.
Lying in sunbed and watching the sunrise with U. (you can see my sneakers in the right corner ;P)

You can see U.'s hair on the left and my feet on the right ;)

We both were getting sleepy and we decided to go to our hotels. U. followed me until we reached some hotel I recognized. Then we revised our plan and set ‘a date’ at 3 PM. Then we kissed one more time in the street, next to a hotel where a lot of people from the same organization that brought me on the island was staying and said ‘see ya tomorrow’...

I returned to the hotel not sure was I dreaming or was it reality. It was unbelievable Ι met someone on such a normal and very interesting way, and also someone very cute, handsome and sweet. I woke up David because it was around 9 AM and he promised some Greek girl (our boss :) ) that he will run with her on the beach, morning exercise, and I took the moment to tell him in short words what happened, but he was so funny and so sleepy that he couldn’t do anything than just nod and saying ‘Yeah... Okay... Aha... Yeah’ and then said ‘Okay, I have to sleep half an hour more, you’ll tell me everything later.’ Then he crawled back to his pillow and I went to my room and lay in my bed, next to Isaac’s, who was sleeping. I couldn’t fall asleep for a few moments, still wondering and repeating in my head what had happened... :)

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  1. This post made me want to have a drink!

  2. :) :) I'm glad you liked it... I'm writing the part 3 right now.

  3. Glad you had such a great time. :-) So what happened with him now? Still in contact?

  4. @Aek: You'll hear in "after summer" post ;) ;) I still need to finish the second day.

  5. Wow! I absolutely love it! Definitely my next vacation will be in Cofru. I can't wait to go there with my boyfriend. To think that a couple of years ago when we met on a top rated gay site no one believed we would remain together but after 2 years we're as happy as ever :x:x:x

  6. @Connor: Thanks ;) I'm really glad because of your boyfriend and you, it looks like nice relationship, and maybe we'll meet next year on Corfu, cause I'm planning to go there again, because we met so nice people, Greek people, and they will give us little cheaper accommodation.

  7. I've been in Corfu this summer with school. I had my first gay experiences with some strangers from the club when I was leaving some club. We had sex on the beach. Next morning we should meet each other on a beach, but i had strong hangover and I didn't go. Now I wanna find him, so that's way I found your blog. All i know is, that he was Romanian. But maybe that's the best, cause is so mysterious and make story better, but part of me wanna know who was the strangers.


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