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Corfu, Greece, Summer 2011 - part 3

9/20/2011 03:55:00 PM
Woke up totally unconscious was it really a dream or not… But I knew it was real and that U. is real. I couldn’t believe what I experienced the last night. I was having huge smile on my face and I woke up very happy.

I couldn’t wait for 3 PM to come. It was our last day on the island and we were buying gifts for our friends who were back home… I was rushing David to hurry up because 3 PM was approaching so I can discreetly go. And I got bit mad on David because the first question after I woke up and he came to my room was: “So, did you have sex?” and I hate when people are like that, they only think about sex. Okay, I get it, he thinks about sex now because he didn’t have it for a long time, and the main reason he and Isaac came here on holiday is to fool around and to have sex and to hook up with a lot of girls. But I came here to relax and enjoy and I hate when he keeps asking me this, and he knows me. And I don’t run away from sex, but oh my God, people, that’s not the point and that’s not the only thing to think about, I had a great time with U. and I enjoyed it a lot and no, we didn’t had sex on our first date. I can’t do it that easily and that ‘meaningless’.

After buying gifts, I told the rest of the people that I’m going to enjoy my time alone, on some scooter or something and Isaac and Ivan are used to it, because I’m very mysterious person sometimes so they didn’t said anything. David knew where I was going.

I walked down the road and I came way too early because I had to phone my mom, it was her birthday. And then, 15 minutes before 3 PM I walked down the main street, in the direction of his hotel and there he was, walking the street with his glasses on and his backpack on his shoulder, with fresh white shirt and black shorts... I smiled and he smiled and I said some joke and he did the same and we shook hands. I was bit nervous and confused but I took him to the renting place and started talking with the guy who rents bikes/scooter/ATV and U. was amazed by me speaking Greek. Because they didn’t have ATV, we went to another place and took one, and he was looking at my handwriting, while I was signing the contract (so sweet) and commenting my Greek again. And then we climbed the ATV and I started driving.

It was like in movies. Me and him on a bike, the wind is blowing and wiping our faces and there’s a road in the distance. It was simply perfect; we were playing and poking each other on the ATV and talking, but only when we could hear each other, because of the noise of the ATV and the wind. I was feeling butterflies all the time and it felt fucking GREAT. I was happy and it was really refreshing and mind-blowing. Then I saw a sign for a beach and I decided to turn, and we went to the beach, driving through the woods and finally reaching the parking and the beach. I parked and we found some spot next to some cliffs and we spread our towels. Then he took off his shirt and I saw his perfectly shaped body, yeah he is skinny but has defined muscles and I was bit scared while I took my shirt off, because I didn’t go in gym for a very long time and I didn’t work out for a long time either, but I swam a lot on my holiday and I kinda ‘returned’ to the shape. And he didn’t say anything and he even remained the same, with flirty voice and stuff, so I relaxed. It was amazing. He put the cream on me, we were joking with our brown tan and then we went to the water.

Santa Barbara Beach on Corfu (THE beach) :)

The cliffs and 'our' spot ;)

The waves were amazing, they were huge, and I was like a small kid when I jumped and started swimming and went bit far away. I was feeling really happy and free, I was literally flying over the waves and I was with a nice guy and we were on a date. It felt so good. I was on a holiday, far away from all problems and finally I relaxed and forgot about everything. I was just enjoying in the moment and it felt perfect. I was swimming toward him and I was poking him in the water while I was diving and then we stepped out of the water and lay down on our towels and we started talking. He told me a bit about his experience and I told him a bit about Mike and stuff, but later we started more interesting topics, like music, movies, holidays etc. We had a great time, after an hour, we decided to go further on. We packed our stuff and took our ATV.

 Goodbye Santa Barbara ;)

Now the romantic part of the movie starts ;)

We were driving toward the second beach and took turn on the road and we reached the beach quickly, parked the ATV and decided to have a meal. We found some beautiful restaurant near the seaside and sat there. The waiter came, we ordered and I used my Greek once more. We were talking, watching the beach, the waves and it was really like in movies, on some first date scene. He was joking, showing me his phone, we were talking, and then the meal came. We ate and we discussed food. After a while, when the bill came, it was the best 20€ spent on the entire holiday and it was my last money. But I didn’t care; I had a great time with him and I enjoyed every single second of it and tomorrow I was going back home.

The view from the restaurant, you can see U.'s hand in the right bottom corner ;)

Then we took our ATV and in the restaurant I asked him would he like to go to another beach or somewhere else (and I was thinking about going in some woods and just enjoying our time together alone) and he said that he would like to go somewhere else ;) And there we went. I drove ATV toward some woods near some town in the middle of island. I had a towel in my bag so we parked ATV near the roads and sat on the ground. Then we were kissing and making out a little, but he felt really uncomfortable because the road was near and we could hear the cars coming and even one family with baby passed us (but they didn’t see us) so we stopped, and just sat there and talked about future, how we see each other in 10 years, about the gay issues in our country and about everything else that came on our mind. And we lost track of time. I accidentally looked at my watch and saw that we have like 45 minutes until the due for renting the ATV. We packed our things, kissed very quickly and headed back to the town we were in.

We got there in time and it was a very quick ride and it was very funny because U. was very scared and always told me like: ‘Slower, slower!’ and it was so sweet and so cute. For one part of road he also was driving.

After we returned ATV we were walking a lil bit through our town and planned the night, because it was going to be my last night there and we planned to meet up.

The plan was to meet up around 3 AM in the same club we met. And then we said goodbye and I returned to the hotel with the huge grin all over my face. When David noticed me he was laughing in his specific way and telling me (‘I know you had a good time’). And I really did have a GREAT time...

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