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Corfu, Greece, Summer 2011 - part 4

9/21/2011 05:00:00 PM
Because I write really really long, sorry because of that, I really don't want to miss any detail, I will make this post really quick. It's just a night part of the previous post and the end of the whole holiday-summer story. Thanks for reading and following me ;)

We met up on the main road while I started going to the club where we met, and I saw him with his friend, the girl who fell from the table. Because I was drunk (and very hyperactive), I took them both to the club where our organization made party (it was an organization who brought us on the island and made the themed holiday with party everyday). The girl decided to stay a lil bit there, because it was full with the people from our country and me and U. went to my hotel after a while. I left my doors open and we entered the room.

Because it was four of us in a room, it was apartment with two two-bed rooms with the separate doors, we went inside through balcony and I checked on Ivan, who was in a room with David, and he was really drunk and asleep so nothing could go wrong (Ivan usually passes out around 1, 2 AM and sleeps until the next day :P). I closed the doors of his room and my doors and I started kissing U. and we were making out really really hard and it was amazing. I forgot how it feels... It felt so good to have someone to kiss, to hug, to cuddle, to feel his body next to you and below or over you, and to feel someone who is a man. We even took off our shirts (actually, I literally ripped his shirt because he had some extra fancy buttons who was unzipping easily and I 'open' it, it was very sexy moment) and I saw his perfectly shaped body (but it's not too much muscled, it's just perfect defined, perfect for me, just like I like it). After I don't know how many minutes, hours or whatever (I didn't care for anything), it was too hot for both of us in the room, we decided to go out and to walk a bit on the beach. And we were walking, I was still drunk and U. was totally sober. We sat somewhere near the sunbeds from the first time and we talked about what is going to happen later with us when we return to the country.

I gave him one of my bracelets to remind him of me and we promised each other to stay in touch and to see each other the first possible time when we get back. Btw, he lives in a city which is two hour drive by train and one hour by bus from my city. Also, we left in the air the unspoken 'what happens on the holiday, stays on the holiday' because U. had 5 more days to be there, but to be honest, I didn't like that and I didn't like the part when he told me that if something happens, it happened, but he also told me that it won't be that easy because he has me in the head now. But Greece is not that gay friendly, either, so I doubted that he will do anything and I think that he didn't. I tend not to think about it, I'm only enjoying present and his company. If he wish, he'll tell me one day, when he's ready. (and now I revealed a bit about our 'future', but you'll hear more in the 'after holiday' post).

After hanging out on the beach and on that wall, we waited for the sunrise and we went home, it was early in the morning, around 7 or 8 AM and now I walked him toward his hotel and in the middle of the road we saw his friend, the girl who fell of the table, talking with some British guy. They were totally in the middle of a conversation about politics, philosophy, science etc. And she was clearly wasted, but we stopped to say 'hi' and I even talked to her a bit, now when I was sober. And when we passed by her and, I think his name was Gabriel, she shouted to U. and me something like: "I like that you found him and I like him, he's so cool and nice and I also like that he's not feminized at all." It was a nice compliment, to be honest, and really weird, because she was shouting from the other part of the street. She's a bit crazy type of girl, and I like when people are like that, outgoing and ready to have some fun.

On the crossroads, U. told me sarcastically something like: 'Okay, now I used you, you can go.' and started to walk away and I was looking at him and smiling because I knew he will turn around, smile and come back to kiss me. And he did. Then he said: 'Okay, have a safe trip and text me when you get back home.' :)

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  1. Seems like a great end to your trip. :-) I hope you two cross paths again soon in the future!


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