Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pride day in my homophobic country

9/25/2011 03:30:00 AM
It's less than one week until the fourth Pride in my country. First one was a disaster with blood all around (it was held 10 years ago), I don't have information did anyone die and the pride site is down right now so I can't check the info, but I know there was a lot of blood and that a lot of people was seriously hurt. Second one (2 years ago) was canceled because of security measures and some serious threats. Third (last year) was successful, but it was really poor and very very risky and it was followed by riots and gathered like 6000 anti-gay activists (and there was like only 1000 gay people on the Pride, half of them was politicians who was there only for political purpose). Also, the whole city was blocked, violated and now, in less than one week from now, the fourth Pride is going to be held...

I'm following all the news and events which are related to the 'Pride' and I feel very sad with every comment I read or hear because I see how "my" (and I'm really ashamed right now to say that they are "mine") own people are so ignorant and so narrow minded (in my language, we use term "left behind"). Even positive and the "pros" comments aren't satisfying enough that it will really get better. It is so sad because majority of people hate something they don't even wanna find out and on their faces you can see that they don't even have a wish to just try to understand it. But that doesn't prevent them to comment it freely and openly (meaning negative) and to hate it. In one way I even understand them (fear of unknown and simply fear), but in another, I can't take it anymore and I can't understand how people can be THAT ignorant. My parents included (well, more dad than mom, I even think mom is okay right now with all that), even though they know about me more than a year. It's hating without a reason, which is the most stupidest thing ever and which is something DUMB and idiotic. They judge something they don't know NOTHING (literally) about. It's so sad. I just watched some TV talk show where they discussed Pride, and it was so sad and I felt really bad and I wished I never was born here, I feel so ashamed of my country, of my people, of everything said and done against Pride and I kinda lost hope (even though the hope dies last) that even a slightly lil bit will change. But... because I'm a helpless and unbeatable optimist... I still have a little hope left, only little...

Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know and you'll see the way to fly.

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Secret Blogger is writing about his life, living as a gay guy in a homophobic society.


  1. Holy crap I found B's blog again! You kept disappearing on me. I hope you are continuing with your education and you are doing ok. Me, I'm enjoying my retirement doing some mountain biking and riding my Triumph Street Triple R here in eastern Canada.
    -Homosexual people for many decades (and for many centuries for that matter) have been made to feel guilty and ashamed for their sexuality; something a gay guy my age has felt acutely in years past, while heterosexual people celebrate their sexuality at every turn in the movies, tv, and the media. The point of the Pride parades is to say we are proud of and love our sexuality and will never apologize for it. Parades are flamboyant whether gay or straight. Perhaps as the Internet becomes more pervasive in your society people will recognize the depth of human sexuality in it's many forms, and realize that we are still the same person as always, and work and pay taxes the same as the rest. Our planet is grossly over-populated and homosexuality should be encouraged lol. We can still have kids if we want. It takes decades for people's attitudes to change B but it will happen. Do watch out for yourself and don't place yourself in vulnerable situations. Hopefully you can take part in a Pride parade in a few years! Take care - Wayne :)

  2. @Wayne: Yay, I've missed you and your comments... :D ;) You are exactly right, and last year Pride was okay, I was hoping that this year will be better, but it was in vain ... :(


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