Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back to University

10/16/2011 08:18:00 PM
Past week was my return to University, classes have started and I feel okay, and I succeed to apply for third year without major problems, even though I'm a lot behind my classmates. And I enjoyed a lot during classes, because I didn't think about anything else. And also, I'm happy because New Year's Eve is coming soon, and me and my friends are planning to go to Amsterdam, maybe. We are still searching for accommodation and for transport. And that is also keeping me busy. Can't wait... :)

I won't speak a lot about U. and about after holiday time, because as I said before I was disappointed, because I didn't expect that U. will be the way he turn out to be. He was not ready for longish-distance relationship, and we were separated only by 2 hours drive with the train, one hour by bus. And later he even proposed me to be 'friends with benefits'.

I just want to share one more stuff with the people from this blog. It's a good part of our relationship and really nice memory. A picture U. sent me while he was on Corfu and I was back. It was so romantic picture which really meant a lot to me, but later it became really disturbing to watch, and I planned to share with you in some better mood than this one, but the reality is different. Enjoy! :D

Mine and U's hand during second morning we spent together. My hand is with the watch, btw ;)

Also, I forgot to mention that I visited gay club for the first time. But I will write about this in a next post, this is enough for now. I need to learn how to make my posts shorter and more interesting ;) hope you understand...

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Glad you are back in university B! Be sure to make your studies top priority and catch up if you are behind. If U wants a 'friends with benefits' type of relationship then what is so bad about that, especially considering the distance and that you are busy with university? It can evolve into something more in time.
    -Watch out for old lounge lizards in gay clubs; stick to guys around your age. Me, I'm enjoying my retirement (boating, mountain biking, motorcycling) and the autumn, but I hate winter! bfn - Wayne :)

  2. Lol, my posts are always so long. >.<


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