Monday, October 3, 2011

Pride Day and break up with U.

10/03/2011 09:30:00 PM
Pride day was cancelled yesterday because of security threats from hooligans and government sent a document which forbade the gathering to the organizers. But we all here know that it wasn't exactly because of hooligans, even though I think that it would be riots all around city, but I think that the government is glad because it was cancelled. I feel very sad and I don't like the comments of the minister of the police and people. But, I kinda suspected that it will be like this.

And I know, I didn't end my summer post, well, I only left part with 'after' summer but this happened so fast and I need to update immediately. Me and U. were in some kinda of long distance relationship for a month and one month of texting after holiday and he broke up few days ago and I feel very sad, because it was really beautiful relationship (at least for me), but he was not ready and I kinda am disappointed in him, because I realised he wasn't the guy I thought he is, and he didn't want to "fight" for us (our relationship), so why would I do that, when he doesn't want it. But, I will write more when my emotions calm down a bit, I don't like to talk about some recent stuff all of a sudden. I'm stressed. But all I know is that I feel hurt, a lot, but it's kinda okay and I'm getting over him faster, because it's easier than the first and second breakup, which is kinda normal...

Thanks for reading, this was a short post, just to keep a record... ;)


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  1. Here in North America the Gay Pride events had to deal with derision, prejudice, and threats when they first began. It takes a decade or two for attitudes to change unfortunately, but it will happen. Do be careful and watch out for your own safety. The spread of the Internet helps to open people's minds, especially younger people.
    -Sorry you are hurting but other doors may open for you so give it time. Take it easy for a while. bfn - Wayne

  2. Sorry about the breakup
    Also sorry that Pride Day was called off but I think it was prob for the best based on what I read in this and the last post.

    And I'm going to start reading more about you again. Stopped long time ago but now I want to pick up. (Never stopped following you though)

    Take Care B,

    P.S. do you still have my MSN? I want to chat with you about something

  3. Sorry to hear about Pride and the break up. :-/ But you'll be alright. He just wasn't in a place where he can deal with a long-distance relationship. It's hard to blame him, as it's quite difficult to keep things going when you're separated for so long . . .

  4. @Ethan: Never mind, thanks for catching up with the story ;) And thanks for following, and I don't use MSN that often anymore, try to contact me through that email, I'll get it to my main e-mail account...


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