Sunday, April 29, 2012

Smiling All The Way and Bloggers Friendship

4/29/2012 06:44:00 PM
I’ve finally opened the Twitter account for this blog, or for my alter ego online, and I decided to invest more in this blog, as you have noticed (I hope) I bought a domain name.

Exams are over, my relationship with N. is making me smile a lot :D, I enjoy every moment of it and we started great. We are together for three months and counting, and I’m falling for him really hard!
Yesterday we were at a party and we see each other almost every day. He’s sometimes really busy, cause he works on his job. I noticed that I really started carrying a lot for him. He’s amazing person, so smart, intelligent, interesting, beautiful, cute, funny, well-built, so stable, and so mature, well he’s 28, and what did you expect. He’s that kind of person who shows his affection with “deeds” and not “words” and I like that a lot on him. I like him just the way he is. He’s so sincere, so carrying and loyal. Wow! I’m bit scared to write about him, cause I don’t want to put a jinx on him :P I’m kidding a bit, but as so far, he’s so adorable. And he's the person who makes me have a smile on my face for no reason.
As for my plan for the future, because the semester will be over soon, I plan to travel… First to Budapest (again) and then to Istanbul, to see the heart of Orient and to maybe visit some friends from Istanbul who I already mentioned in this blog. And I’m probably going on these trips with N.

But the most of all, I hope to see Sam in Istanbul. Remember Sam? Confused… Yet honest. He was a blogger (he stopped blogging over a year ago) and we stayed in touch online. We started being online friends and I’m really glad I met him. I know him over 3 years or something like that and we never saw each other in person, only over Skype and Facebook. And now, he’s coming in Istanbul with his boyfriend on his trip from USA, and me and N. will probably go there to meet up with them. I feel so excited, cause I really care for him a lot and it’s strange and weird feeling, cause this is the first time I experience this kind of meeting, online friendship, and we’ve become really really close. I imagine how our meeting will look alike and even though I know him really well, it will be weird, in a good way. I sense that it will be a very amazing experience, I can’t wait.

That was just a small update.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Your posts were not coming up on my bloglist for some reason but I checked anyway. Wow, things are the way it should be for you with a great bf and university. I used to comment on Sam's blog all the time and it is fantastic that you are meeting him and his bf. Be sure to let him know that Wayne is wishing him well (he was having a tough time with his sexuality at boarding school). I think you guys definitely have the inner strength to deal with life's ups and downs. Keep things in moderation and don't get too far out there as they say. - Wayne :)


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