Monday, December 31, 2012

Stay tuned... 2013 is coming

12/31/2012 07:40:00 PM
Hey everybody. :)
How are you? I’m bit in pain because I had my nose done. I had some problem with breathing (and yes, with snoring :P) and I finally, after three years of making myself do it, I went to hospital one day few months ago, got examined and I finished with having a surgery on Friday, the 28th of December.

I feel amazing and relaxed, I still can’t breathe through my nose, but I will take the bandages off on Thursday and I can’t wait to see how everything went. No pain, no gain, right?
Let's review the year 2012 and the past few months...


I’ve been to Berlin and couple more cities in Germany during November, through the period of two weeks. I had A M A Z I N G time and it still feels like a dream, because everything happened so fast and I learned a lot of things in short period of time, about Germany in general. I have a lot of opportunities to continue my studies there and I will probably try with that, but I need to learn the language first. I met a lot of interesting people on the trip. Everybody was more than average students, very ambitious and it was really nice to learn that the society here isn’t that narrow-minded as I thought it is. It was nice experience and really the unique one.

We all lived through the Dooms Day, or the Mayan Day, or call it whatever. I didn’t even believe in that crap, but it was interesting watching the people’s reaction to it. Because today is last day of the (in)famous 2012, I only have one resolution when it comes to this blog and that is:
1. to write one post a week
There’s a little left until the end of the current year so I would love to say a few things.
All in all, I had a really nice year, it was really interesting, wonderful, useful and informative, I think I learned a lot about me, I matured, I met an amazing guy :), who I love a lot. I traveled. I visited Budapest one more time :), I visited Berlin. I was studying, reading, writing, listening to the music, watching movies, enjoying friends, meeting new friend. I was trying to make the peace with my family. I got more independent. I had my first job experience.
I was happy and smiled throughout the most part of the 2012 and I can’t ask for more. I hope that the 2013 will be better and that I will mature more, face some new challenges and to simply live the life as I should be living it – free and on my own. :)
Thanks for reading, see you next year. Take care. Happy New Year!

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Secret Blogger is writing about his life, living as a gay guy in a homophobic society.


  1. It's great to see you posting again. I hope this year is the best ever, and would be nice to see a little more of you!

    1. Thank you :) I hope for the best also, and Happy New Year to you too! :)

  2. Do keep the focus on your education; the real world (including love) runs on money. Also keep in mind that booze/drugs can destroy your life (tolerance/addiction) so beware. I hope your partner is self-disciplined and considerate. Damn, I've got a long and boring winter to put in over here lol. - Wayne:)


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