Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Joy and Strawberries

1/16/2013 08:52:00 PM
Recently, I've been investigating a YouTube partnership program and I noticed that a lot of people are blogging, video-blogging to be precise, and they are making money out of it. The key is to have an original content to attract visitor and Google Ads will do the rest. And the best of all them is Ray William Johnson. He holds an YouTube channel called "Equals three" and has an online business where he reviews viral videos. It's interesting and his jokes are funny, when you understand his humor, and until a while, he was the most subscribed person on YouTube. I love him. I will try to talk more about him in the future, he was involved in some feud with his former studio.

Basically, I started doing all this digging because as a big The Amazing Race (TAR) fan I found out that two v-bloggers will be in upcoming season of TAR, Joey Graceffa and Strawberry17, or Meghan something-something (she's soooo sweet and cute). I can’t wait to see if they will blog during TAR broadcasting, so maybe I’ll have to find a little more about TAR and to see it from some other perspective. Dunno is that allowed by the rules of TAR, I know they are really strict when it comes to privacy and to revealing all the details about the race, before it ends, so we’ll see. Also, they are kinda my favorite team, even though the show hasn't started yet.  Can't wait for the February 17th.

I will try to review all TAR episodes on my blog too, cause I love the show. I love it because it allows me to see some parts of the world I am not able to see by myself. It's interesting, it's different from the rest of TV Shows, especially reality TV Shows, it's full of action, and unique in it's own way. They respect all kind of diversities and they promote all kinds of cultural and people development throughout the whole world.

All in all, nothing much happening in my life, I’m in the exam period and to be honest, I have a huge problem with studying. I have like 15 exams till I’m finished with University, but it will take me forever to finish them, so I will probably take one or two more year of my life and go onto this University. I've never mentioned, but for you who don’t know, I’m studying languages. English is not my major, but maybe it should've been, because I don’t have the nerves for my major anymore, and no, for those who are wondering, I can’t change it. I need to stick up with it until the very end of the studies.

My nose is doing fine, it will be almost three weeks since surgery and I can almost feel it completely. I still need to wait couple more weeks so I can touch it, blow it or even picking it but everything will be okay. I can breathe normally, not fully, because the mucous of the nose is still very swollen. When it comes to shape of the nose, I'm more than satisfied, it's straighter, looks natural and people who don't see me that often don't even notice something is wrong, which is good, I guess.

That’s all, sorry for being so random, I’m just trying to hold the post-a-week rule. I also noticed that I have a lot of pressure when it comes to posting to the blog. And because of that I usually write a bunch of crap, and not something worth reading, so I will try to come up with the list of the topics which can be really interesting to you, and to discuss them, share the opinions and stuff. I even thought about making my own vblog, to become more interactive or something.

Also, I will try not to hold so much onto gay subjects, it feels kinda boring to write only about the same subject over and over and over, there will be gay subjects also, but I will try to focus on some other topics, too. To make a blog interesting not only for gay people, but for everybody, and to promote the equality on some different level.

Thanks for reading, take care.

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